buy Luke Skywalker Hoth T-Shirt

Luke Skywalker Hoth T-Shirt

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Hoth T-Shirt

No hassle with this Hoth! OK, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that David Hasselhoff was considered to be an actor for any of the Star Wars movies. But sometimes things are just cool enough on their own with out him. Such is true about this epic Luke Skywalker Ice Planet t-shirt!

A sleek silhouette of Luke riding a Tauntaun outlines the greater part of this shirt, with further profiles of stylized AT-AT walkers battling the rebel alliance battle station, on the inner parts of the design. Considered by many to be the best of the trilogy, the Empire Strike Back is portrayed simply and effectively on this stripped down and stylish shirt!

Sweet criminy! Episode V dates back to 1980 – and yet it presents simultaneously timeless and modern on this tasteful, minimalist t-shirt! Looks great on Jedi Knights and Rebel Princesses alike.

Slip into some sci-fi casual cotton and chill out with the Hoth! Get your own Skywalker Silhouette Empire Strikes Back – Ice Planet T-Shirt.