buy Wampa Cave Snow Globe

Wampa Cave Snow Globe

Hanging out with Ice Planet Hoth Star Wars friends has never been easier with this Star Wars Wampa cave globe set. Luke is suspended and upended, inside the snow globe, with the giant Wampa monster lurking just outside it!

Sometimes all we can do is chill and wait for the cavalry to arrive. When our perspective has seemed to be inverted, and our ways of looking at things change drastically. We musn’t ever lose hope!

Echo Base is far away in time, and space – but this classic scene is so close at hand with this brilliant artistic rendition of a Wampa Cave diorama – it is just brilliant! So many details make it a sheer
joy to look at. The ideal detailing of the Wampa, the continuity of the snow inside and outside of the snow, and the way Luke’s blue lightsaber lies nestled in the snow, just out of reach!

We know that Luke’s best friend Han is on his way to rescue him, refusing to give up the search even as the impossibly cold night time temperatures are about to settle in! This scene is the epitomy of the virtue
of never giving up on faith, hope or love, and it seems like only tragedy can await, but darkness will give way to light!

Sized 6 1/2 ” x 6 ” x 5 1/2 ” this beautiful item, made of resin and glass, and weighing 2.8 pounds, will make a perfect addition to your Christmas “holiday village”, and comes with wooden feet attached to prevent scratching.

“Oh the weather inside is fightening!” – not to mention the menacing beast that walks nearby! Have a ball with this awesome, fully licensed Star Wars product and shake it! So cool on so many levels!

The perfect gift for yourself, or a truly deserving Star Wars fan!

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buy Luke’s Lightsaber Neck Tie

Luke’s Lightsaber Neck Tie

Now you can wear this Luke’s lightsaber neck tie witch of course shows the world that you are a true fan of Star Wars.

This Star Wars neck tie shows the whole lightsaber of Luke Skywalker starting at the top going to the bottom and that makes it really cool to wear with you favorite dress shirt and suit.

No need to be like everyone else with a boring plain tie when you can show that Star Wars is what you are really thinking about.

The Star Wars tie is 3 1/8 inch wide and has a black background so that it easily matches with your outfit.

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buy Luke Skywalker Mr. Potato Head Toy

Luke Skywalker Mr. Potato Head Toy

Mr. Potato Head toys are just great fun for young and old and if you are a Star Wars fan then of course you want a Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head toy like this version of Luke Skywalker.

OK this Mr. Potato Head is not Luke Skywalker but Luke Frywalker and has everything you expect from Luke and the great thing is you can exchange parts with other Mr. Potato Head toys and of course it is extra fun if they are Star Wars themed as well.

A Star Wars Mr. Potato Head is besides fun to play with also great as just decoration in your Star Wars themed home.

Get your Luke Skywalker Mr. Potato Head Toy

buy Star Wars Carollers Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Carollers Christmas Sweater

This women’s Christmas sweater is perfect for people that like singing and Star Wars.

On the green sweater you can see Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker and they are carolling the two men even carry a song book. Below the carollers you can see Christmas decorations in green and red making this sweater just perfect for the holidays.

A Star Wars sweatshirt like this is just great for Christmas and I am sure that you would want to wear it year round but of course you only sing Christmas songs around Christmas.

Just select a women’s sizes between XSmall – 2XL and you are all ready for a Star Wars Christmas.

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buy Lightsaber Duel Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Lightsaber Duel Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may have proved to have one of the great battles of all time with their lightsabers. Now you can commemorate this battle at Christmas time (or any time of year for that matter) with this Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt featuring the light saber duel.

The graphic on this navy blue sweatshirt is a patterned graphic with snowflakes, light sabers and the rebel alliance logo and the galactic empire logos. Darth Vader has his red saber and Luke Skywalker has his blue saber. The moment is captured when their sabers cross.

This sweatshirt is lightweight and comes in a standard fit. It is an officially licensed product and is made of a cotton/polyester blend. It comes in womens sizes Small to XXL. Great for a gift for your friends, family or yourself.

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buy Luke Skywalker Watch

Luke Skywalker Watch

Luke Skywalker Designer Watch

Star Wars fans will need to add a high quality piece of memrobillia like this for sure.

The watch face features a retro look, find Luke Skywalker and his X-Wing done in yellow looking very vintage and classic. With an orange strap and a compas attached to the face there is such fine details even the leather strap has the Rebel Alliance etched into it.

Made and crafted to be high quality with a genuine leather strap, glass face cover, stainless steel construction and has a limited water resistance.

Officially licensed Star Wars watch that also comes with a collectors certificate and collectors serial number.

Check out the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Watch.

buy Kids X-Wing Pilot Costume

Kids X-Wing Pilot Costume

Star Wars Kids X-Wing Pilot Halloween Costume

Now any kid feel like Luke Skywalker!

This X-Wing pilot costume will transform almost any child into a Star Wars character. And you don’t have to be Luke when you wear this pilots costume you can be one of the other pilots as well.

The costume includes a jumpsuit with grey belt and attached shoe covers then there is a chest box and of course a X-Wing Pilots helmet.

The only thing missing is the spaceship but I don’t think you need that for trick or treating.

So get ready for some Halloween or any other reason to dress up Star Wars style with this Star Wars Kids X-Wing Pilot Costume.

buy It’s The Great Vader Pumpkin T-Shirt

It’s The Great Vader Pumpkin T-Shirt

It's The Great Vader Pumpkin T-Shirt

Kill two birds with one stone with this t-shirt. You will get your fall season and Halloween fix and you will also curb your Star Wars collecting.

The featured image is that of the Charlie Brown classic, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, but with a Star Wars twist. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are in the pumpkin patch, with a bright death star as the moon. Look out! The dark shadow is none other than Darth Vader.

This t-shirt comes in a black background in sizes ranging from Small to 6XL. It will fit all of those who want it, and with it being a unisex fit, both men and women will enjoy the life of this t-shirt. It is made of 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk to keep the size and fit throughout its life.

Don’t worry It’s The Great Vader Pumpkin T-Shirt.

buy Lightsaber Battle Star Wars T-Shirt

Lightsaber Battle Star Wars T-Shirt

Lightsaber Battle Star Wars T-Shirt

Everyone loves the lightsaber battles in the Star Wars movies, but this might be the best science fiction fight of all time. Now capture it in all its glory on this sublimated t-shirt.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are front and center in this t-shirt. Luke with the blue lightsaber and Darth with the red lightsaber. In the background you will find stars and a galaxy far far away. On the back of the t-shirt you will find a battle between all of the air crafts.

This t-shirt comes in men’s sizes running from a Small up to a 2XL. It is made of 100% polyester and is a sublimated style of a t-shirt, which is the best way to give justice to the battle scene of all battle scenes.

A battle to the end with the Lightsaber Battle Star Wars T-Shirt.

buy Luke Use The Force Star Wars T-Shirt

Luke Use The Force Star Wars T-Shirt

Luke Use The Force Star Wars T-Shirt

Not every Star Wars T-Shirt has to be out of this world, let’s keep it simple and focus on The Force.

Luke Skywalker is on the front of this t-shirt in his X-Wing Starfighter. It is in mostly black and white, but his visor and pilot uniform come out in a fantastic orange color. The words of Obi-Wan Kenobi are at the bottom of the graphic, “Use The Force, Luke”.

Sizes Small to 3XL are available for this t-shirt. It comes in a lady fit and is made of cotton in a heather grey color. Be reminded that this t-shirt runs a bit on the small size.

Use your force when putting on the Luke Use The Force Star Wars T-Shirt.