buy Darth Vader Wall Clock

Darth Vader Wall Clock

It’s always Star Wars time and this Darth Vader wall clock makes that clear.

The black wall clock has nice white lines and numbers and even the 3 hands are white and on the clock face you find an amazing image of Darth Vader and he is now watching you from that space on the wall where the Star Wars clock will be hanging.

The Darth Vader clock is 10 inches in diameter and runs on 1 AA battery which is not included with the clock.

No longer do you have to look at your phone to find out what time it is all thanks to Darth Vader.

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buy Princess Leia Wall Clock

Princess Leia Wall Clock

This Princess Leia wall clock is a great way to remember Carrie Fisher and it will make time move for you.

The Star Wars wall clock is 10 in diameter and comes in black, white, natural wood colors and you can even pick between black or white hands on the clock.

The Princess Leia wall clock needs 1 AA battery to make the quartz movement to start showing time and that battery is not included.

On the Star Wars clock, you can see an amazing black and white portrait of Leia and it just looks stunning and it is one of those things that every true Star Wars fan wants in their home.

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buy Women’s The Dark Side Black Denim Jacket

Women’s The Dark Side Black Denim Jacket

If you are a Star Wars fan in need of a fun denim jacket then you came to the right spot as this women’s jacket is just what you need.

This is a black denim jacket that has many Star Wars patches on it and it all starts with a big patch on the right arm that says “Dark Side” and beside the big patch there is many smaller once with Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and much more you just have to click the picture to have a closer look from all sides to see what this women’s jacket is all about.

You can get this Star Wars jacket in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and it is made from 100% cotton Denim.

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buy Millennium Falcon Pocket Watch

Millennium Falcon Pocket Watch

If you are a Star Wars fan that wants to know what time it is then this Millennium Falcon pocket watch is what you want.

The pocket watch is shaped like the Star Wars space craft with on one size the full details of the ship and on the watch face you find even more info.

Now you can not only know what time it is but you can also show the world that you are a true Star Wars fan.

A watch like this is something that belongs in any Star Wars collection and yes it is also a great watch for everyday use.

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buy Wooden Stormtrooper Helmet Wall Clock

Wooden Stormtrooper Helmet Wall Clock

If you are looking for an amazing Star Wars wall clock then this clock could be just what you want.

This clock is made from wood and shaped like the helmet of a Stormtrooper with all the details engraved on it.

You can get this Stormtrooper clock made out of black cherry wood (the picture) or American walnut witch is a bit darker.

The Stormtrooper wall clock is 13.8 x 11 inch and would just look amazing on almost any wall.

Why check the time on your phone when you can have this Stormtrooper hanging your wall with the time right on it.

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buy BulbBotz BB-8 Alarm Clock

BulbBotz BB-8 Alarm Clock

Now you can have your own Star Wars droid that will wake you up every morning.

This BB-8 alarm clock looks just like the real BB-8 from Star Wars The Force Awakens only a little bit smaller. The BB-8 alarm clock is 7.5″ tall and of course has a snooze function because nobody wants to get out of bed right away.

The Star Wars alarm clock also has a blacklight display so that it is easy to read in the dark.

Made by BulbBotz this clock is just what every true Star Wars fan wants specially when it’s time to go back to school or work because then at least something fun will wake you up.

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buy Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock

If you want a real special Star Wars clock then this wall clock is what you need.

This wall clock is made from a vinyl record and has the clock in the centre and around that you find the world of Star Wars.

First of the clock looks like the death star and has the Star Wars logo on it but also a battle with Darth Vader, C3PO, R2-D2, Hand Solo, Boba Fett and Princess Leia.

This clock is unique and not something you will find in a store so if you are a true Star Wars fan then a wall clock like this is what you really want.

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buy Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Sometimes things just “click”.. like LEGO blocks that were meant to be together. Such is the case with this classic Boba Fett Star Wars LEGO alarm clock, you know it was meant for you, call it over to your neck of the galaxy at this very attractive price!

You can’t go wrong as a gift either, it’s the combination of the three most awesome things, the Star Wars franchise, bad ass Boba, and the timeless classicity of Lego, a trifecta of perfection!

Did I mention this beauty keeps the time too? Yes, outside of being gloriously cool, it is functional as well!

Enough said! Get your Boba Fett LEGO alarm clock before they disappear! Good for all kids, naughty, or nice, get your name on his list, he know’s when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you’ve been deep freezed in a cryogenic state!

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buy LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

You know when you are zipping around from Solar System to Solar System, it can be hard to know “What Time It Is” – man. I mean, we better just settle on a seemingly arbitrary unit to make it a standard. I propose the time it takes for a planet called Earth to revolve and then divide by 24, as it is a nice even number. Well, this is exactly what this beautiful LEGO Star Wars alarm clock does! It uses STANDARD EARTH TIME!

Well, if you happen to be reading about this fine product from EARTH, you may possibly have to use an alarm to make sure you do things like START YOUR DAY. Well, this clock can help you there by waking you up at a set (programmable) time, and this will benefit you by allowing you to keep your job and continue getting cool things with your money tickets!

“Day to day grind” (can only) become bearable when you pimp out your otherwise mundane items and express your individuality. Which brings this informative article to it’s strong close. YOU NEED THIS LEGO ALARM CLOCK – because it is inherently fun and cheerful – despite it representing the dark side with a bright white Stormtrooper figure! Synchronic in it’s blend of the iconic with the ironic. Day and night it will serve you right!

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buy Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

He is black. He has the dark side on his side. The good news is he will keep you on time and get you up in the morning. The Star Wars Darth Vader is not such a bed guy after all, when he is an alarm clock.

It is a LEGO mini-figure Darth Vader with a digital alarm clock in his belly. He can sit, stand, wake you up and light up in the night if you need to see the time. Hopefully he won’t breath heavy and keep you up.

This 10 inch tall alarm clock is digital and even includes a snooze button. You just press his head down and it snoozes or lights up the back light. You can have it stand or sit in the most convenient location for you.

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