buy Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Darth Vader Lego Alarm Clock

He is black. He has the dark side on his side. The good news is he will keep you on time and get you up in the morning. The Star Wars Darth Vader is not such a bed guy after all, when he is an alarm clock.

It is a LEGO mini-figure Darth Vader with a digital alarm clock in his belly. He can sit, stand, wake you up and light up in the night if you need to see the time. Hopefully he won’t breath heavy and keep you up.

This 10 inch tall alarm clock is digital and even includes a snooze button. You just press his head down and it snoozes or lights up the back light. You can have it stand or sit in the most convenient location for you.

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