buy Wampa Cave Snow Globe

Wampa Cave Snow Globe

Hanging out with Ice Planet Hoth Star Wars friends has never been easier with this Star Wars Wampa cave globe set. Luke is suspended and upended, inside the snow globe, with the giant Wampa monster lurking just outside it!

Sometimes all we can do is chill and wait for the cavalry to arrive. When our perspective has seemed to be inverted, and our ways of looking at things change drastically. We musn’t ever lose hope!

Echo Base is far away in time, and space – but this classic scene is so close at hand with this brilliant artistic rendition of a Wampa Cave diorama – it is just brilliant! So many details make it a sheer
joy to look at. The ideal detailing of the Wampa, the continuity of the snow inside and outside of the snow, and the way Luke’s blue lightsaber lies nestled in the snow, just out of reach!

We know that Luke’s best friend Han is on his way to rescue him, refusing to give up the search even as the impossibly cold night time temperatures are about to settle in! This scene is the epitomy of the virtue
of never giving up on faith, hope or love, and it seems like only tragedy can await, but darkness will give way to light!

Sized 6 1/2 ” x 6 ” x 5 1/2 ” this beautiful item, made of resin and glass, and weighing 2.8 pounds, will make a perfect addition to your Christmas “holiday village”, and comes with wooden feet attached to prevent scratching.

“Oh the weather inside is fightening!” – not to mention the menacing beast that walks nearby! Have a ball with this awesome, fully licensed Star Wars product and shake it! So cool on so many levels!

The perfect gift for yourself, or a truly deserving Star Wars fan!

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buy Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug

Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug

Star Wars plush wampa rug

Star Wars fans be carful when on an adventure in ice caves not to encounter a Wampa. Well, with this cool Wampa plush rug you might have many encounters with the Wampa when he lays on the floor in your home.

The Wampa is a bear like creature that attacked and kidnapped Luke Skywalker during the Star Wars episode Empire Strikes Back.

This furry Star Wars Wampa plush rug is in the shape of a Wampa ice creature lying down on his stomach with its claws sticking out, showing its teeth and has two black horns on its head.

It measures 60 inch x 30 inch in size with a plush pillow head and vinyl claws.

Lay down and watch all your favorite Star Wars movies and get comfy on the floor on this awesome soft, deep fur pile Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug.