buy Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Star Wars Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Sometimes things just “click”.. like LEGO blocks that were meant to be together. Such is the case with this classic Boba Fett Star Wars LEGO alarm clock, you know it was meant for you, call it over to your neck of the galaxy at this very attractive price!

You can’t go wrong as a gift either, it’s the combination of the three most awesome things, the Star Wars franchise, bad ass Boba, and the timeless classicity of Lego, a trifecta of perfection!

Did I mention this beauty keeps the time too? Yes, outside of being gloriously cool, it is functional as well!

Enough said! Get your Boba Fett LEGO alarm clock before they disappear! Good for all kids, naughty, or nice, get your name on his list, he know’s when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you’ve been deep freezed in a cryogenic state!

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