buy Boba Fett Watch

Boba Fett Watch

STAR WARS Watch with Boba Fett on the watch face

Watch out ladies! When your man wears this cool Boba Fett watch he will be able to hunt you down wherever you are.

Boba Fett was a clone of the famed Jango Fett then was trained by him to be a mandalorian warrior and a skilled bounty hunter.

This Star Wars Boba Fett watch features Boba Fetts head on the face of  the watch with brushed metal details.

It as a 1 5/8 ” stainless steel face and back with a 10″ black silicone strap that adjust on your wrist from 7″ to 8 3″.

Be careful you might turn into a bounty hunter when you wear this Star Wars Boba Fett Wristwatch.