buy Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

A candle holder is really handy to keep those candles from falling over but often they are not perfect for a Star Wars fan.

But now there is the candle holder that looks like a lightsaber and the included red candles (3 pcs) make this really look like the lightsaber of Darth Vader.

The lightsaber candle holder has a screw on base and comes in a nice gift box.

And when the included candles run out then you can use just standard taper candles so that the dark lords lightsaber can bring you light for a long time.

It’s always nice to have candles out specially when you put them in this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder.

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