buy Ewok Coin Purse

Ewok Coin Purse

Ewok Coin Purse

Wherever you roam – remote jungles, urban malls, fartherst reaches of galaxies – you know sometimes you have cash jangling around, and it could amount to quite a bit of purchasing power – lets face it – but it can fall between your fingers if you don’t have a great place to put it and retrieve it. Well thank the Galaxy – now you do! You will never again be nickled and dimed to death – as you will keep these “pieces of dollars” in this exceptionally cute Ewok coin purse.

Those dream makers and dream weavers and super achievers, those George Lucas’s, those Steve Job’s, those maker of worlds, shapers of realities – they share a key thing in common – yes, they all love Ewoks, but I mean something even more critical. They all recognize the value of money. They know that it is not to be wasted. You don’t have to pinch pennies to be a world maker, but you do need to keep your dimes grouped and your quarters in array. This money holder will do this, whether for yourself, or your children – keep your power to yourself and respect the art of waste-not.

Ewok coin purses – cute and powerful like the Ewok nation themselves. Never again under-estimate the power of a collection of dimes, a battalion of quarters – the Force is strong when wielded and respected!

Damn adorable and fashionably functional – this is one Star Wars accessory no financially responsible representative of the Light Side should be without. Show your young padawans the way of the financially disciplined Jedi-master – there is no try.

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