buy Boba Fett Armor Hat

Boba Fett Armor Hat

Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Hat

You know – clothes don’t make the man – but they don’t hurt and sometimes they are a finishing touch of glory. In the case of armor – they can make quite a difference in life expectency – so yeah – it ain’t and it is when it comes to clothes.

Now available from the good people at Star Wars licensing – the definitive head wear of bad-assery. Boba Fett’s helmet is as iconic as Dirty Harry’s 44 magnum – but you can wear this amor hat anytime you damn well please.

This glorious fitted, flat-billed cap is 100% polyester/polyurethane and is produced by New Era. It is iconic and hits the perfect note of realism and tongue firmly in cheek. Star Wars meets street smart? You took it there.

Claim your bounty – no one’s going to roll over and give it to you – reach out and take what’s yours.

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