buy Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug

Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug

Star Wars plush wampa rug

Star Wars fans be carful when on an adventure in ice caves not to encounter a Wampa. Well, with this cool Wampa plush rug you might have many encounters with the Wampa when he lays on the floor in your home.

The Wampa is a bear like creature that attacked and kidnapped Luke Skywalker during the Star Wars episode Empire Strikes Back.

This furry Star Wars Wampa plush rug is in the shape of a Wampa ice creature lying down on his stomach with its claws sticking out, showing its teeth and has two black horns on its head.

It measures 60 inch x 30 inch in size with a plush pillow head and vinyl claws.

Lay down and watch all your favorite Star Wars movies and get comfy on the floor on this awesome soft, deep fur pile Star Wars Wampa Plush Rug.