buy Stormtrooper Mr. Potato Head

Stormtrooper Mr. Potato Head

Star Wars Spud trooper Mr. Potato Head Toy

Stormtrooper’s are most time tall and slender but this spud is not.

But hey it is a Mr. Potato Head Stormtrooper and of course that means not tall and round like a potato.

Kids and adults will love this Stormtrooper and a fun extra is that you can mix and match parts of this Mr. Potato Head with others you may own.

There are so many fun creations you can make if you collect many Star Wars Mr. Potato Head toys.

And just on its own this Stormtrooper is a great item to as he comes with other parts and just is a great toy to play with or to display in you home.

Star Wars fans come take a closer look at this Star Wars Stormtrooper Mr. Potato Head.