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Stormtrooper Neck Tie

Star Wars Stormtrooper neck tie

Shiver me troopers – there is nothing I love more than a spicy dish of Pad Thai.. EXCEPT.. when it is a nerd chic Stormtrooper PLAID TIE!! (“no I didn’t?? – Oh, yes I did!!”)

Ok this thing has way more style than my bad puns would allude to. I want you to know that this neck tie could come in very useful in many scenario’s as of yet unexplored.. your boss needs to be silenced – I would advocate using it a make-shift gag (not a garret!) and voila – you are a tie-fighter with silence (no one can hear him scream)!

But seriously, this little beauty was made to be worn and enjoyed, and it is able to do so because it is so discrete in it’s admiration of the white helmeted icon that is the Stormtrooper. The stitching is very elegant and blue-chip calm, and there, when one stops to look long enough.. are very clearly stitched representations of the Imperial Guards elite force in white on top of the light blue sections of the (100% silk, 59″x3″) plaid tie.

This beautiful accessory is only for a discriminating subset of the ven-diagram which is fan-boys (or adventurous fan-girls). Don’t buy it if you don’t appreciate it. You will know on first glance if this wonderful item is for you. But admit it.. it is holding your attention, and it is not a mind trick, this is the tie you are looking for!

Officially Luscasfilm Ltd licensed. Step up your game with this little number and dial one up for yourself.

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