buy Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder

A candle holder is really handy to keep those candles from falling over but often they are not perfect for a Star Wars fan.

But now there is the candle holder that looks like a lightsaber and the included red candles (3 pcs) make this really look like the lightsaber of Darth Vader.

The lightsaber candle holder has a screw on base and comes in a nice gift box.

And when the included candles run out then you can use just standard taper candles so that the dark lords lightsaber can bring you light for a long time.

It’s always nice to have candles out specially when you put them in this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Candle Holder.

buy Darth Vader 3D Christmas Lawn Display

Darth Vader 3D Christmas Lawn Display

Even though you might be part of the dark side, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the holiday season. Darth Vader loves to shake it up at Christmas time, even if it might be outside on the lawn.

Star Wars’ Darth Vader is ready for the holiday season. He has on a red and white cape that looks exactly like something Santa Clause might wear. Darth also has on a Christmas hat and he may even look like he is enjoying himself. Don’t forget, he is holding a light saber too, just in case Luke decides to show up.

There are two sizes to this lawn display, a 28″ and a 36″ size. They both have 50 lights to make Darth sparkle in the night. You can also use it in your home, which ever best suits your holiday needs. It is also made from tinsel which will add extra sparkle from the lights.

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buy Stormtrooper Christmas Law Decoration

Stormtrooper Christmas Law Decoration

Star Wars 36" Stormtrooper Christmas Law Decoration

Now a Stormtrooper can guard you house this Christmas.

This Star Wars lawn decoration looks just like a real Stormtrooper wearing a Santa hat and having a garland around his neck while holding a candy cane. And this Stormtrooper is not just decorated he also has lights inside him so that he is clearly visible in your garden at night.

And this Stormtrooper Christmas decoration is available in two sizes, one is 28 inch tall and the other comes in at 36 inch.

Besides reindeer, snowmen and a blow up Santa don’t you think that a Star Wars piece would be appropriate on your lawn?

I think it is and if you agree then come see this Star Wars Stormtrooper Christmas Law Decoration.

buy Yoda Santa Christmas Law Decoration

Yoda Santa Christmas Law Decoration

Star Wars Yoda Santa Christmas Law Decoration

As we never seen the real Santa Claus this picture above makes me wonder if Master Yoda is Santa.

This Jedi master is all dressed up to stand in your yard this holiday season.

It is a Star Wars 3D tinsel version of Yoda and this Christmas law piece is 28 inch tall and just amazing looking.

Yoda is wearing a red coat that come all the way to the ground and he has green mitts and a Santa hat and all have lights in them and then he holds a big red and white candy cane to make it even more festive.

With Yoda on the lawn you know Star Wars Christmas is about to start. So lets not wait any longer and just get your own Star Wars Yoda Santa Christmas Law Decoration.

buy Yoda String Lights

Yoda String Lights

Master Yoda does not want you to be in the dark and that is why there now is this special light string with 10 times a light shaped like Yoda on it.

This string light is fun for any time of the year and you could even use it to decorate the Christmas tree.

These lights made by Kurt Adler are a great addition to your home specially as now Yoda will bring light to the darkness.

The Yoda lights have a 30 lead wire and are spaced 12 inches apart so that you can have Yoda bringing light to a big area.

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