buy Princess Leia Fabrications Plush

Princess Leia Fabrications Plush

If you like plush creatures then this plush Princess Leia could be a great addition to you collection.

This Star Wars plush is about 6 inch tall and looks just like the classic Leia with the hair and even a weapon.

The Princess Leia plush is part of the Funk Fabrications series and Leia is number 27 in the series and comes in a fun box to.

This Star Wars plush is not really a toy for small kids, it’s rated ages 14 and up and is more meant for the plush collector that love Star Wars.

I am sure you can find the perfect spot for this plush princess in your home.

Get your Princess Leia Fabrications Plush

buy Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Star Wars Funko Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Now you can have a small Boba Fett for yourself.

This Boba Fett is 6 inch tall and looks a lot like the one we all know from the Star Wars movies.

This toy is part of the Fabrikations series from Funko and comes in a nice display box that he can stay in if you want or you can take Boba Fett out and play with him.

Boba comes with a head that can turn and he even brought his weapon.

This plush Boba Fett is not a kids toys and it is rated ages 14 and up.

Of course your Star Wars collection needs this Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush.

buy Star Wars Fabrikations Yoda Plush

Star Wars Fabrikations Yoda Plush

Star Wars Fabrikations Yoda Plush

The People from Funko now come with a cool new plush line called Fabrikations and this Yoda plush is one of first once out.

This plush version of master Yoda is 6 inch tall and can stand by himself and even comes in a great display box that will show him off and keeps him in perfect condition.

Star Wars fans young and old will love this plush but it is made for fans ages 14 and up so just don’t give it to the little once.

And as you can see on the picture the Yoda figure has all the details you expect and even brought his Lightsaber.

Yoda look super cool and that is why you want this Star Wars Fabrikations Yoda Plush.