buy Yoda Quotes Pencils

Yoda Quotes Pencils

Now Star Wars fans can have these Yoda Quotes Pencils that are great for art, crafts, and just writing.

The pencils come in a pack of 5 all are green with an eraser on the ends and then on each pencil you can find a different quote we all know Yoda uses.

One of the quotes is “Do or do not – There is no try” and the others you can see better by clicking on the pictures.

Pencils like this is great for school, work, and at home and I am sure that a true fan of Yoda and Star Wars will really enjoy them.

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buy BiC Star Wars Pens

BiC Star Wars Pens

Looking for a pen to write then look no further because these BiC Star Wars Pens come in a set of 4.

The Star Wars pens all write black because it is the favorite color of the dark side.

The pens are white on the outs with on it the Star Wars logo in the middle with others on the ends and there are space crafts too because that is all part of the Star Wars stories.

Pens like these are great for school, work, and at home because we just needs pens everywhere and Star Wars pens are what all the Star Wars fans really need.

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buy 2015 Star Wars Weekly Planner

2015 Star Wars Weekly Planner

2015 Star Wars Weekly Planner

Star Wars is one nifty way to keep track of all your appointments and special events on a weekly basis. Bring this piece into your house so you can experience Star Wars 52 weeks of the year.

All of your favorite characters from all six of the Star Wars movies are featured in this great weekly calendar. There are all great artistic drawings on each page along with a small month view on the top left.

This great weekly planner has a magnet on the back that allows for this planner to be on the fridge where everyone can see it. the sizing makes it small enough to do so as well ( .44 inches by 8 inches). It also comes with a matching pen. The pages are easy to tear away once the week is done and each space on the page has plenty of room to keep everything together.

Be a planning superstar from another galaxy with the 2015 Star Wars Weekly Planner.