buy Yoda Quotes Pencils

Yoda Quotes Pencils

Now Star Wars fans can have these Yoda Quotes Pencils that are great for art, crafts, and just writing.

The pencils come in a pack of 5 all are green with an eraser on the ends and then on each pencil you can find a different quote we all know Yoda uses.

One of the quotes is “Do or do not – There is no try” and the others you can see better by clicking on the pictures.

Pencils like this is great for school, work, and at home and I am sure that a true fan of Yoda and Star Wars will really enjoy them.

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buy Stormtrooper And Neon Binder

Stormtrooper And Neon Binder

Star Wars fans in need of a binder for school or work can get this cool Stormtrooper And Neon Binder.

This Star Wars binder is really amazing looking, the binder is black and both the front and the back show an amazing image that starts with a bright yellow striped background that also shows stars and a part of the Death Star and then on top of that you can see the Stormtrooper with mainly his big helmet visible and to top it all of there is also a bright neon purple Star Wars logo on it.

And this Stormtrooper binder is made by Avery and comes in differnt spine sizes and you can pick the inside color between white or black.

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buy Yoda Bookend

Yoda Bookend

Books need to stay in line and that is why there is this Yoda Bookend that belongs in the home of a Star Wars fan.

This Star Wars bookend is made from heavy-duty metal and it will fold around the first book so that it really looks like Master Yoda is using his powers to keep the books upstanding and neatly.

If you like books and Yoda then you really don’t need to think about this as it would look amazing on a shelve in your home or even in the office.

Because when you have this bookend you know that Yoda will also keep an eye on everything else in your home.

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buy Giant Stormtrooper Mousepad

Giant Stormtrooper Mousepad

Now there is a Giant Stormtrooper Mousepad.

Mousepads are most times just tiny but if you like Star Wars and need a nice mousepad then this is what you need.

This Star Wars mousepad is big and takes up a lot of space on your desk but comes in different sizes too.

On the mousepad you can see a Stormtrooper in a battle pose and as it takes so much space you can use your mouse at so many places as most of your desk can be a mousepad.

The mousepad has a nonslip back so that it stays nicely in place.

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buy Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive

Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive

Star Wars fans can now have their own Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive.

This thumb drive is like a little Stormtrooper and it even has a loop on top so that you can hang it on your keychain if you like.

You can pull the head of this Stormtrooper and then you will see the USB connector so that you can use it to store all your important file or just for a backup.

A Star Wars flash drive is just great for all your school, work, and Star Wars files and I am sure that people will notice your cool flash drive and wonder why they got the boring one.

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buy BiC Star Wars Pens

BiC Star Wars Pens

Looking for a pen to write then look no further because these BiC Star Wars Pens come in a set of 4.

The Star Wars pens all write black because it is the favorite color of the dark side.

The pens are white on the outs with on it the Star Wars logo in the middle with others on the ends and there are space crafts too because that is all part of the Star Wars stories.

Pens like these are great for school, work, and at home because we just needs pens everywhere and Star Wars pens are what all the Star Wars fans really need.

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buy R2-D2 Hardshell Pencil Case

R2-D2 Hardshell Pencil Case

Now there is an R2-D2 pencil case that is perfect for all the fans of this Star Wars droid.

The pencil case is a hardshell case with a zipper that goes around it and the pencil case is dark blue with the exception of the front where you find an image of R2-D2 and his name besides him.

A Star Wars pencil case like this is great for school, home and the office as it is just perfect for organizing those pens, pencils and other gear you need to write.

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buy Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma And Stormtrooper Pencil Cases

Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma And Stormtrooper Pencil Cases

Why get one Star Wars pencil case when you can have two for one.

This pencil case set has two pencil cases one with on it Kylo Ren and two Stormtrooper and another one that shows Captain Phasma.

And these Star Wars pencil cases are great for back to school or even to take pens and pencils to the office or to organize a drawer at home.

Stop pencils from being everywhere with a Empire approved pencil case like this one.

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buy R2-D2 Desk Lamp

R2-D2 Desk Lamp

Now you can have an R2-D2 desk lamp that will remind you of the good old desk lamp that is flexible and highly useful.

This Star Wars lamp is mainly white but the base and the light shade have an R2-D2 design witch makes the shade mainly blue and grey and all the design together makes you feel like R2-D2 got redesigned into a more modern droid.

This Star Wars lamp will be great at your desk at home but I would take one to the office to as you never can have enough cool light.

You can use a light bulb up to 40 watt (not included) so you can have plenty of light for that desk work at night.

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buy Star Wars Darth Vader Pencil Case

Star Wars Darth Vader Pencil Case

Star Wars Darth Vader Metal Pencil Case

We all know the feeling of pens and pencils all over the place. At school you of course like to use a pencil case and maybe you should do to at work or at home.

If you are a Star Wars fan then you are in luck as we found you the perfect pencil case made from metal.

On the sides the pencil case shows the helmet of Darth Vader and the Star Wars logo in black and the top of the pencil case has both the Star Wars logo and the Darth Vader helmet embossed in the case.

Besides for pens and pencils this Star Wars case is great for other small stuff to so that you can start enjoying Star Wars and Darth Vader while being more organized.

Come get your own Star Wars Darth Vader Metal Pencil Case.