buy Princess Leia Merry Force Christmas Sweater

Princess Leia Merry Force Christmas Sweater

If you like a fun sweater for the holidays then you should check out this Princess Leia Merry Force Christmas Sweater.

The women’s Christmas sweater is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in sizes XSmall – XL.

The Star Wars Christmas sweater is light gray in color and in the background you can find the rebel logo and other Star Wars details and then on the front you can find a picture of Princess Leia and around her in green the text “Merry Force Be With You”.

So now you can be ready for Christmas as this ugly Christmas sweater is just perfect for a true Star Wars fan like you.

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buy Princess Leia Mighty Muggs Figurine

Princess Leia Mighty Muggs Figurine

If you like Princess Leia and her many impressions then you should check out this Princess Leia Mighty Muggs figurine.

Mighty Muggs figures have many different face expressions that you can change by simply pressing on her head.

And this figurine of Princess Leia figurine is made from Star Wars fans ages 4 and up and it is 4 inches tall and as she changes her mood with the press of you finger it can change moods with you when you put it at your desk at work or a shelve in your home.

Star Wars collectors just have to check out this Mighty Muggs figurine of Leia.

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buy Women’s Princess Leia Swimsuit

Women’s Princess Leia Swimsuit

Now you can feel like a true Star Wars princess when going for a swim thanks to this Princess Leia swimsuit.

The one piece bathing suit is white and comes in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and it looks a lot like the outfit we all have seen Leia wear including the belt that is printed on the swimsuit.

And to show the world that you support the rebels just like Princess Leia they added the Rebel Alliance logo to the strap of the swimsuit.

The back of this Star Wars swimsuit is pretty open so that you can get a nice suntan while being on the beach.

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buy Star Wars Halloween T-Shirt With Stars From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Star Wars Halloween T-Shirt With Stars From The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want an amazing Star Wars Halloween t-shirt and you like The Nightmare Before Christmas then this is the t-shirt you want.

The shirt is available in styles for both men and women and comes in many sizes and colors.

On the shirt, you can see Jack Skellington dressed up as a Stormtrooper and he has a candy bag and on his side you can see Sally and she is dressed up like Princess Leia and that is not all because you can see as there is a big orange pumpkin in the sky that is carved as most Halloween pumpkins but if you look closer you noticed that it also looks like the Death Star.

So come get your amazing Star Wars Halloween shirt because this is a one you need.

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buy Painted Princess Leia T-Shirt

Painted Princess Leia T-Shirt

Look no further for the best Star Wars gift, point blank – full stop. No “candle in the wind” our lady Princess of Leia is standing tall on the beautifully painted image – emblazoned upon this comfortable preshrunk 100% cotton t-shirt.

Carrie Fisher delivered the grace and guts of this noble action hero, blazing paths for ladies in this galaxy and one’s far far away all at the same time. Timeless, iconic and legendary – what a fantastic way to celebrate her with this classic image of her, blaster raised and ready, and wearing her Alderaan gown famous from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Standing in front the rebel alliance logo – Leia / Carrie embodies the “rebel with a cause”. Every bit the rugged individual as her love interest and character foil Han Solo – Carrie can utilize diplomacy when needed and unflinching grit when required. Not all heroes wear capes.

The world loves Star Wars, but some people are true fans. This shirt is worthy of a true fan. Distinct, subtle yet direct – get this piece for your wardrobe and celebrate all that is right in the universe.

Choose your best men’s size, from Small – 5XL. Not your typical “Disney Princess” – this one plays for keeps.

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buy Princess Leia Bobblehead

Princess Leia Bobblehead

Now you can have a Princess Leia bobblehead and she is ready to shake her head at you all day long.

This figurine of Leia is made by Funko and shows Princess Leia in a more cartoonish style but she did bring her weapon so she is ready for action.

The Star Wars figurine is 4.5 inches tall and is standing on a black base that has her name on it.

And the bobblehead comes in a nice box that she can stay in if you want your collectibles to stay new and pristine.

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buy Princess Leia Wall Clock

Princess Leia Wall Clock

This Princess Leia wall clock is a great way to remember Carrie Fisher and it will make time move for you.

The Star Wars wall clock is 10 in diameter and comes in black, white, natural wood colors and you can even pick between black or white hands on the clock.

The Princess Leia wall clock needs 1 AA battery to make the quartz movement to start showing time and that battery is not included.

On the Star Wars clock, you can see an amazing black and white portrait of Leia and it just looks stunning and it is one of those things that every true Star Wars fan wants in their home.

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buy Princess Leia Badass T-Shirt

Princess Leia Badass T-Shirt

Just because a princess is in the house, doesn’t mean she can’t be a badass! Well, this t-shirt makes this strong case by beautifully illustrating the baddest of the badass princesses in the Galaxy – our lady Leia!

See her standing tall, taking careful aim, and packing double blasters on this great shirt! Perfect for summer during times you want to relax and let your badass self declared.

Equally empowering and fun, just put it on and feel the force run through your veins! We know who really is in charge, and it ain’t Ham Sandwich or whatever his name is!

This beautiful Star Wars item is available in all sizes from Small – 6XL! Round out your spring and summer wardrobe with this wonderfully tough heroine.

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buy Princess Leia Mrs. Potato Head Toy

Princess Leia Mrs. Potato Head Toy

If you like Star Wars and Mr. Potato Head toys then you maybe in luck as we found you a female toy to add to the collection.

This Mrs. Potato Head figure is of Princess Leia all dress nicely to impress and a great addition to your potato collection.

And to make playing with Leia even more fun you can mix and match parts from other Mr. Potato Head toys to make the ultimate figurine.

A true Star Wars collector is just going to go crazy when they see this amazing looking Princess Leia toy so don’t wait till they are all sold out.

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buy Star Wars Logo And Princess Leia Leggings

Star Wars Logo And Princess Leia Leggings

If you want some Star Wars leggings that will make your legs look different then these leggings could do that as one leg is black and the other one is white.

On the black leg you can see stars and the Star Wars logo and on the white leg you can see a picture of Princess Leia and both the princess and the logo take up most of the space of the legging.

You can get these logo and Leia leggings in women’s sizes Small – XL and all the leggings are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex for that perfect fit and feel.

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