buy Women’s R2-D2 Sweater

Women’s R2-D2 Sweater

Star Wars Women's R2-D2 Costume Sweater

This is the sweater you are looking for! So great to wear your fangirl pride with none other than R2-D2 knit top. Fully licensed by Star Wars you know this replication is legit. If it ever was about Betty Boop, that is over! It is now all about the Beep Boop or R2-D2! He saves the day, and you will to when you are happy and warm in this great article of clothing that will be a fun addition to mix and match with your casual wear.

Who was the most independent personality in Star Wars? Han Solo? Nope.. Leia? Close.. We know the real answer is R2-D2, he was a team player for sure, and got along with C3P0 most of the time, but when something absolutely needed to be done, when it was do or die, this little guy stayed the course and got things done, all while being adorable. Well, share the love and happiness this amazing personality will inspire!

Made out of comfy raglan, get your perfect size from woman’s Small – XXL.

Beep, boop! Get your Star Wars R2-D2 Long Sleeve Sweater.