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Ewok Purse

Ewok cute women's handbag

Fangirls – take a peek at the sweetest sci-fi purse on the planet! This little ewok handbag takes first prize for the most adorable accessory ever! It’s just the right size to meet your modern day needs: your phone, wallet, even notebook, but small enough to be lightweight, versatile and fashionable. You can travel light when the force is with you, or… little Endorian ewok friend, or both in this case!

The face of this benevolent space critter smiles contagiously, and the crochet style of the purse has a beautiful texture. Very durable, this bag is fully lined and has a magnetic closure for convenience. Everything about this purse is well thought out, and adorable.

So cute. Get your hands on your own Star Wars Ewok Crocheted Handbag.