buy Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194

Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194

Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194

If you love the awesome action packed movies of Star Wars and really support the good guys then this is a great Yoda LEGO statue to add to your collection.

Yoda is a Jedi Master in the Star Wars movies, this is a giant LEGO statue when put all together looks just like Yoda. With all of the expected details from the large ears to a long Jedi coat and Yoda’s cane.

This LEGO set is number 7194 and has a total of 1075 pieces. It can be put together in 3 different variation styles and has a head that turns.

When put fully together the Yoda LEGO statue will stand 14 inches tall, an impressive height for your Star Wars collection.

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