buy Darth Vader Playing Cards

Darth Vader Playing Cards

Star Wars Darth Vader playing cards

What if you could mix the two things you like most in this world, and enjoy them at the same time!?

Why psychotic Sith Lords!! Now you can! With the all new Darth Vader playing cards!

These cards depict various points in the story which is Lord Vader’s life, with descriptions on them of pivotal points. Heck, take any normal card game, and it just got sweeter. Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Kings, Queens Jokers.. it’s all there, but with Darth Vader’s world morphed into it. Poker becomes Star Wars Poker.. crib becomes Darth Crib.. Speed becomes Sith Speed! Great for Star Wars fans of all ages! And the┬áStar Wars playing cards are stored in a┬áDarth Vader helmet and that is of course awesome by itself.

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