buy R2-D2 Baby Romper

R2-D2 Baby Romper

Star Wars baby bodysuit of R2-D2

Every infant gets dressed up in little cute rompers for the first few months.

So don’t put a boring suit on your child, slip him or her in this adorable Star Wars R2-D2 infant onesie snapsuit. Every stroller down the boulevard will be stopping and turning heads in envy because R2-D2 is the most popular droid in the Star Wars saga.

This cute blue Star Wars R2-D2 bodysuit suit features a cute picture of R2-D2 with the words boop beep beep! right above its head. Then in big letters on the side of him, it says R is for R2-D2. It is a short sleeve and is available size from 0 to 24 months.

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