buy R2-D2 Costume Onesie

R2-D2 Costume Onesie

Star Wars R2-D2 Costume Onesie Pajama

Secretly every man dreams of what it would be like to be a robot… a droid.  Let’s not mince words, we are talking about the unsung hero of the best space epic ever to grace the screen, we are talking about that wildly calm yet beeping master sleuth – R2-D2.

This is OFFICIAL Star Wars Merchandise, and it fits adults and teenagers.  You can’t beat it.  65%-35% poly-cotton blend. Sharp R2-D2 detailing on this sylish onesie, sweet hood and two pockets.

Conveniently sized to fit most guys, medium to large, it measures 78 cm inner leg, 8.5 cm sleeve length, and total length approximately 177 cm.

Get your droid on!  (No electric sheep here!)  Wake to the new reality of owning an R2-D2 onesie!  What are you waiting for? Come get your own Star Wars R2-D2 Onesie.