buy R2 Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

R2 Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

Star Wars droids salt and pepper shakers

Every kitchen need a salt and pepper shaker set.

They are normally plain, clear, and boring….Well today we have an awesome set of Star Wars droid salt and pepper shakers. Astromech droids are quite intelligent and are know for assisting Jedi knights on several adventures.

These cute Star Wars droid salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of and looks like the cute little droid R2 from the Star Wars Saga. The Salt shaker is R2-D2 and the pepper shaker is R2-Q5.

They are made of ceramic and stand 3 1/2″  high x 3″  wide by 2″ deep. Just take of the plastic stoppers at the bottom fill them up and they are ready to use.

Spice up your kitchen with this cute set of Star Wars R2-D2 Salt and Pepper Shakers.