buy Star Wars R2-D2 Purse

Star Wars R2-D2 Purse

Star Wars R2-D2 Hand Bag

The people from Loungefly design the perfect hand bag for Star Wars fans.

This dome style bag looks like R2-D2 in white, blue and silver this bag has all the details you expect from R2-D2 and more. And this bag also has a Star Wars black lining and of course inside pockets.

On the outside of this Star Wars bag you can fin a chrome Star Wars logo and the straps are hold in place with chrome Rebel Alliance buttons.

Yes this bag is not one you gone miss in a crowed but that makes it also really special for the true fan of Star Wars.

If you are crazy about R2-D2 and need a new bag then come check out these Star Wars R2-D2 Hand Bag.