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BB-8 Beer Stein

Now there is this BB-8 Beer Stein that is just made for beer loving Star Wars fans.

No matter if you like to collect beer steins or just love BB-8 this is the stein you want.

The BB-8 stein is ceramic like a true stein and is white with the typical orange shapes on it and there is a lid to that opens up with a metal clip and the lid is the head of BB-8 just like we know it.

No matter if you like to drink beer from it or just want something really cool in your collection this beer stein is fun to have.

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buy Stormtrooper Beer Stein

Stormtrooper Beer Stein

If you like your beer in Star Wars style then you just have to check out this Stormtrooper beer stein.

The ceramic beer stein stands 9 inches tall and looks like just a real Stormtrooper and yes his head is the lid to cover your beer.

Even if you don’t like beer you can still use this Stormtrooper Stein just for decorations or to drink your favorite beverage from.

Just imagine having this Stormtrooper standing on a nice shelve in the kitchen just waiting for it is time for a drink.

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buy Darth Vader Porcelain Beer Stein

Darth Vader Porcelain Beer Stein

If you like beer steins and Star Wars then you need this amazing Darth Vader porcelain beer stein.

The handcrafted Star Wars stein is unique and a real collectible piece.

The handle of the stein is the handle of a lightsaber and on the top lid there is a starfighter and yes Darth Vader can be found on the stein to with a big picture of the Dark Lord and pieces of his outfit.

A beer stein like this is a must have for any Star Wars collector and it is a limited edition that is hand numbered and comes with a certificate to make it all official.

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buy Boba Fett Ceramic Beer Stein

Boba Fett Ceramic Beer Stein

If you like Star Wars and ceramic beer steins then this Boba Fett mug could be something you could really like.

This ceramic beer stein looks like Boba Fett and the stein has a lid that looks like the head of Boba Fett.

Inside the Boba Stein has room for 22oz of you favorite liquid and outside it just looks amazing and a great item for on a shelve to put with you Star Wars collection.

It would be fun to have friend over and then you take you beer out of this amazing ceramic stein and they will all want one to.

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buy Ceramic R2-D2 Beer Stein

Ceramic R2-D2 Beer Stein

Star Wars Ceramic R2-D2 Beer Stein

The force has a way of manifesting our most sincere desires: no it’s not the holy grail but it is an officially licensed R2-D2 32 ounce ceramic beer stein with metal hinged lid!

Do robots dream of awesome beer? There have been a lot of studies recently about AI dream simulations, AI poetry, and artificial intelligence created poetry and art. But how does any of this compare to an R2-D2 beer stein? What could be better on a hot summer day, or after a long one working with the powers that be! This is the droid you are looking for!

Pinocchio became a real boy after he proved himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish. Well, send me a droid full of my favorite hops, and after a few of them I can bestow personhood status on such a likeable automaton!

Does he meet Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotic behavior? Let’s investigate:

1) A robot must not cause a human to come to harm, or through inaction, allow a human to be harmed.
**PASS** – by bringing beers the robot can ease the suffering (harm) caused to a human by tyrant bosses, or other such daily stressors.

2) A robot must obey orders given to it by humans, except when such orders would cause the breaking of the first rule.
**PASS** – this R2-D2 beer stein will not object to you having it provide you cool beverages and also will not object when you decide you have had enough!

3) A robot must protect it’s own existence, so long as in so doing it doesn’t interfere with the first or second laws.
**PASS** this sturdy mug is made out of high grade ceramic material and has a strong metal hinge for opening the top covering, protecting both itself, your drink, and your emotional happiness. It clearly passes all criteria!

What a great and functional gift for any Star Wars fan! Holds 32 ounces of beer, wine, pop or anything else you care to fill him with.

Make today the day you (finally) get your hands on your own Star Wars R2-D2 Beer Mug with Hinged Lid.

buy Darth Vader Collectible Ceramic Stein

Darth Vader Collectible Ceramic Stein

Darth Vader Collectible Ceramic Stein

Get a new Star Wars collectable for your collection. This galactic take on a beer stein is the perfect fit.

The Darth Vader Collectible Ceramic Stein is a full size body of Darth. His mask is the lid of the stein and the rest of his body is the body of the stein. It is mostly black with attention to detail on the front of his suit. It features a handle in the back and the lid flips up like an ordinary beer stein, but we both know this is far from ordinary.

This stein is made of ceramic with a metal hinge and pewter thumb lift to lift up the lid. It holds 22 ounces of the liquid of your choice. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product and stands approximately 9 inches tall.

Bottom’s up with the Darth Vader Collectible Ceramic Stein.

buy Chewbacca Beer Stein

Chewbacca Beer Stein

Star Wars Chewbacca Beer Stein

Never drink alone! Keep the best wingman ever close at hand! This Chewbacca Beer stein is too cool for words, it really has to be seen to be fully appreciated!

Fully licensed Chewie, 22 oz ceramic mug with metal hinge is much more fun than a bobble head, and he can carry whatever beverage you care to put in him. You and your pals will be sure to get a kick out of this magnificent glass every time it makes an appearance.

Perfect for all Chewie fans, Star Wars fans, beer fans, and fans of the novel and unique. Great coloring and detail is rendered in this beautiful and functional object of art. Take a long wookiee at how great it is! And as the Force would have it, it’s in the galaxy nearest you..

Put your hands on your own Star Wars Chewbacca Metal Hinged Ceramic Beer Mug.