buy R2-D2 Bento Box

R2-D2 Bento Box

“Who’s the friend who likes to play?
This Bento Box will make you say:
Beep Beep Beep Beep!!”

Hey! Check out this coolest of the geeky cool of Bento Boxes!
Imagine R2-D2 personally serving you lunch! Well, imagine no longer because that fantasy will become your reality when you order this Beeping Awesome Star Wars R2-D2 Bento Lunch Box!

So, you get that Lucasfilms took some serious license culturally appropriating (borrowing akin to a muse providing inspiration) Japanese Folklore in his epic trilogy STAR WARS.. well.. let’s get back to the origin of the Heian Period of Feudal Japan.. and think about what came before lunch boxes.. ummmmm BENTOS.

Wow! This product is universally fun and is a Food-safe plastic set that stacks trays one on the other, in the shape of R2D2.

At this price, a fleet of them for a full on party is entirely doable.. or just look after yourself or your loved one with a single.

Damn! Beep beep beep beep! Bento your droid and feed your need. You want this!

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