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BB-8 Cookie Jar

If you like Star Wars and cookies then you just need this BB-8 cookie jar.

The Star Wars cookie jar is made from ceramic and shows BB-8 on a base that has the Star Wars logo on it.

And as this cookie jar looks so real it also is just a great figurine to have in your collection.

Now you don’t have to finish all the cookies at once because you can have them in this cookie jar ready for when you feel like a snack.

The BB-8 ceramic cookie jar is 12 x 6 x 6 inches and is one of those items that are made to last.

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C-3PO Cookie Jar

Cookies are something many people like a bit to much and that is why you need this C-3PO cookie jar so that you can hide those cookies out of plain sight and they keep securely stored inside a Star Wars droid.

This ceramic cookie jar looks like the head of C-3PO the gold classic droid that has  an interesting view on things.

The Star Wars cookie jar is 9 inch tall and is just amazing looking.

Collectors of cookie jars, Star Wars or just cookie fans this cookie jar is something every home should have including yours.

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Darth Vader And Stormtroopers Cookie Jar

Star Wars Darth Vader And Stormtroopers Cookie Jar

This black ceramic cookie jar is for all the Star Wars fans that like the Dark Side.

Besides the black the cookie jar also shows Darth Vader and Stormtrooper that are on the lookout for something or maybe they are just protecting those amazing cookies.

On the black lid you find the Empire logo as handle so that you know that you can only eat the cookies if you join the Dark Side.

The Star Wars cookie jar has a diameter of 6.75 inch and is 10.375 inch tall and can be one of those things that will be in your family for generations.

Come and check out this Star Wars Darth Vader And Stormtroopers Cookie Jar.

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Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Cookies need to be fresh and that is why they invented cookie jars as it seem to be working better then eating all the cookies in one sitting.

And now there is a Stormtrooper cookie jar that looks like the helmet a Stormtrooper wears.

This Star Wars cookie jar is made from ceramic and if you remove the top of the helmet then the cookies appear.

If you even wondered if Stormtroopers have brains then now you know the answer and the answer is no the have cookies inside their head.

Your kitchen could use a cookie jar and a Star Wars one is the best way to go so come get your Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar.

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Darth Vader Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Cookie Jar

Cookies are yummy and it’s hard not to just eat the whole pack at once.

But if you are strong then you will be able to save some and if you do then you need the perfect place to store them.

If you are a Star Wars fan then you could get this Darth Vader cookie jar that stores all you cookies safe from anyone. Darth Vader is ceramic and even holds a lightsaber to protect you cookies.

This 12 inch tall Star Wars cookie jar is great looking and will last many generations of cookie lovers.

Bring a piece of Star Wars history in your home with this Star Wars Darth Vader Cookie Jar.