buy Darth Maul Bust Banks

Darth Maul Bust Banks

Star Wars Darth Maul Bust Banks

A Darth Maul Bust Banks for a Star Wars fan with coins. Darth Maul will protect your coinage! He is the baddest Sith Lord ever to hold a double sided lightsaber. Think twice, those who would dream of raiding your non-piggy bank!

This Phantom Menace character appears to be completely fearless and wonderfully intimidating and he peers forward – horned, red and wielding!

This bank is 8 inches tall and Darth Sidius’s first student (before notorious Darth Vader), you are looking at your best worst nightmare! Who better to look after your hard earned cash!

Buy your own Star Wars Darth Maul Bust Bank.

buy Large Scale Darth Maul Legendary Figurine

Large Scale Darth Maul Legendary Figurine

Large Scale Darth Maul Legendary Figurine

He is dark. He is scary. He is trained in the very dark forces and now you can have him in your home. Don’t worry, you won’t be looking over your shoulder after a while.

This fantastic and detailed Darth Maul’s face is painted to perfection in red and black. He has a double-bladed lightsaber and a long black cloak. Watch out for his stare with his yellow eyes, it will go right through you.

He stands 40 inches tall and is an official Star Wars product. Each Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul product is hand painted so the attention to detail is original and the best part is that the lightsaber really lights up. It can be turned on or off with a simple switch.

Add this special and unique piece to your Star Wars collection, the Large Scale Darth Maul Legendary Figurine.