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C-3PO Hair Brush

If brushing your hair is almost as important as Star Wars to you then this hair brush is what you need.

This is a Star Wars hair brush that looks a lot like C-3PO.

The brush is gold in color with on the brush side the Star Wars logo on the handle and with golden bristles with red tips. On the other side this hair brush looks like a part of C-3PO with the shield of his chest and some wires below it.

I would say using this C-3PO hair brush is a great way to get your hair in the right direction.

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buy Stormtrooper Hair Brush

Stormtrooper Hair Brush

Stormtroopers are here to watch you hair.

This Stormtrooper hair brush is perfect for all the Star Wars fans with long hair.

This hair brush is shaped like the helmet of a Stormtrooper and has the right printing of it to. On the other side of the brush it is just white with an amazing brush and on the handle it says “Stormtrooper”.

Why get a plain and boring hair brush when you can have a Star Wars brush that looks like a Stormtrooper?

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Darth Vader Hair Brush

Star Wars Darth Vader Hair Brush

This Star Wars hair brush is perfect for all the fans that support the dark side.

On the front you find a nice brush and on the black handle it says “The Dark Side” and the other side is black to but the die cut helmet of Darth Vader is on it making this an amazing hair accessory.

Of course your hair needs to be long enough to brush it but if it is then this Star Wars brush will make the rebels jealous.

Come give your hair a comb over with this special Star Wars Darth Vader Hair Brush.