buy Star Wars Collectors Edition Puzzle Set

Star Wars Collectors Edition Puzzle Set

Now you can kill some time with this Star Wars Collectors Edition Puzzle Set.

Jigsaw puzzles are cool again and if you are a Star Wars fan then this puzzle set is what you want.

This set includes 4 different puzzles and all show famous Star Wars poster we all seen.

And 3 of the Star Wars puzzles are 300 pieces and then the final puzzle is 500 pieces and that means the puzzles are not to bad to build unless you want to build all of them in one day.

So now when you are stuck at home and want something fun todo besides watching screens then you know what you can do.

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buy Star Wars Panorama Puzzle

Star Wars Panorama Puzzle

If you like a nice puzzle and Star Wars then this Star Wars panorama puzzle is what you need.

The jigsaw puzzle comes in a nice metal tin and inside you will find 3 puzzles that together make a nice Star Wars panorama.

The 3 puzzles are 24, 48 and 100 pieces and together they make a panorama that is 33.7 x 15 inches.

And this puzzle is not about The Force Awakens but it does hold many of the classic characters.

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