buy Classic Droids Luggage Tag

Classic Droids Luggage Tag

Now you can have this Classic Droids Luggage Tag on your suitcase.

If you like to travel and love Star Wars then this is what you need.

This luggage tag has the typical card holder on the back where on you can write down you information and then on the front you can find R2-D2 and his golden buddy C-3PO and these droids are here to keep and eye on your luggage.

The luggage tag is great as a bag tag for your school bag but works great on your suitcase too.

And the luggage tag it also says “Not the bag your are looking for” so that others know it is not theirs but yours.

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buy Empire Logo Luggage Tag

Empire Logo Luggage Tag

If you are a Star Wars fan that is going to travel then this luggage tag is what you need.

This is a metal luggage tag with a metal chain for connecting it to your suitcase and on the front, you can see the Empire logo against a black background and on the back you can find the place to put your info so that you never have to lose your luggage again.

A bag tag like this is perfect for on a suitcase but works great on your sports bag, backpack and even your lunch box.

So travel to the Dark Side in style with this amazing tag on your bag.

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buy BB-8 Luggage Tag

BB-8 Luggage Tag

Every suitcase should have a luggage tag and if you are a Star Wars fan then it could be this BB-8 luggage tag.

The die cut bag tag looks just like BB-8 on the front and on the back there is plenty of room for you info. The Star Wars luggage tag has a stainless steel wire to connect it to you bag with so that you never have to worry about accidentally loosing you tag.

Backpack, suitcase or any other bag this BB-8 luggage tag could be just what you need and that it looks amazing of course is a plus.

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buy Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master Luggage Tag

Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master Luggage Tag

Suitcases, backpacks and even a handbag could all use a luggage tag so that if it gets lots they can track you down and return it.

And if you are a Star Wars fan then you are in luck as now there is a Yoda luggage tag.

On the front of the luggage tag you can see master Yoda and above him it says “Property of Jedi Master” and below the picture it says “Star Wars”. On that back the luggage tag has room for your info that you can write down on the included information card.

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