buy R2-D2 LED Night Light

R2-D2 LED Night Light

Now Star Wars fans can get this R2-D2 LED Night Light and never have to be in the dark again.

If you don’t want to go to the Dark Side then you need this Star Wars night light that will come on automatically when it gets dark and goes off when it get light again.

This night light has the top of R2-D2 on it and that makes it so cool for anyone that likes Star Wars and there is an LED light in it so it will use very little power.

A light like this is great for a bedroom but also for in a hallway for when you have to go to the bathroom at night.

Get your R2-D2 LED Night Light

buy R2-D2 Night Light

R2-D2 Night Light

This R2-D2 night light will bring light to the dark and we all can use that of course.

A Star Wars night light could also help you prevent going to the dark side and I am sure that you are happy about that to.

This night light has a round disc on the front with on it an image of R2-D2 and some Beep Beeps as that is the sound R2 normally makes.

The Star Wars night light has a switch on the front so that you can turn the R2-D2 light on and off when you need it.

Get your R2-D2 Night Light

buy Yoda’s Head Wall Lamp

Yoda’s Head Wall Lamp

Star Wars Yoda wall and night light

“Do” get this awesome light…”There is no try!” Jedi Master Yoda will bring you to enlightenment, and it appears his pointy eared head is crashing through your wall to do so!

A wall mounted deco light which takes 3 AA batteries (not included), this 8.3 inch (approx.) wall light can be mounted anywhere (indoors) Great for reading, close encounter effect lighting and for avoiding going “bump” in the night. Crack sticker (included) goes on first. Vanquish the Dark Side!

If you want to “green light” your endeavors, this is the “man” to do so (or manlike being)! Get your force on! Get your Star Wars Yoda Wall Lamp.

buy Darth Vader Wall Light

Darth Vader Wall Light

Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Light

The 70’s were wild. Deco lights! Star Wars! Party every day!

Here’s a modern take on all the good stuff! A 12 inch Darth Vader wall light! It’s got 3 battery powered LED lights, so it never gets hot to the touch! Takes 3 AA batteries. Official Star Wars Merchandise! Comes with a sticker simulating cracks to make it look like it’s coming out of the wall!

Light is made of black plastic, with red eyes and red mouth that emit the light! Stop being a thing that goes bump in the night, see what you are doing when you get yourself this creepy-cool Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Light.