buy Star Wars Wrapping Paper

Star Wars Wrapping Paper

If you are looking to wrap presents for a Star Wars fans then you just need this Star Wars wrapping paper.

The set includes two rolls of gift wrap. One role is green with the face of Yoda on it and the other role is red with the black face of Darth Vader.

So now you just need the perfect present to wrap and your presents will look amazing in this paper.

The Star Wars wrapping paper comes on roles that are 30 inches wide and 10 yards long.

So no longer do presents have to look boring because wrapped in this Star Wars paper makes them cool even if the present is just an empty box.

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buy BB-8 Silicone Cake Pan

BB-8 Silicone Cake Pan

If you want a cool Star Wars cake then you want this BB-8 silicone cake pan that will make the perfect Star Wars cake.

The cake pan is made from silicon and that makes it perfect for the oven but it would work in the fridge or freezer too so you could make an ice cream cake instead of a normal one if you prefer.

The cake mold is shaped just like the real BB-8 with many details showing so that the cake will look perfect for a birthday or Star Wars party.

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buy Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder

Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder

Now there is a Boba Fett candy bowl holder that looks like Boba is at your party handing out candy to the guests.

The figure of Boba Fett is 18 inches tall and looks just like the real bounty hunter and in his hands, you find a see-through bowl for candy.

Boba is perfect for a Star Wars themed party or for trick or treating at Halloween.

No longer there is a need for a boring bowl because now Boba Fett can hold all the candy you need for your party.

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buy Star Wars Party Mask Set

Star Wars Party Mask Set

This Star Wars mask set is great for a Star Wars birthday party or a dress up occasion.

The masks come in a set of 8 and includes two of the following maks Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca and BB-8 and yes these are all based on the Force Awakens.

These mask have eyes cut out so that they fit nicely on you face and they are hold in place with an elastic witch may not be the most comfortable thing but if you want to be a Star Wars character then this just has to do.

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buy Millennium Falcon Lights And Sound Cake Topper

Millennium Falcon Lights And Sound Cake Topper

If you are looking for an out of this world cake topper to finish off the perfect Star Wars cake, then here it is.

This is a Millennium Falcon cake topper that has all of the fine details etched and moulded into the ship making it look realistic. The Falcon stands on top of a base that has an action moving image revealing the Death Star. And there is even light and sound in the Star Wars cake topper.

The Millennium Falcon measures 7 inches in length x 5 inches in width and is on a stand that measures 2 7/8 inches in height x 2 7/8 inches in width.

A 5 piece set that includes the Millennium Falcon, stand, Tie Fighter picture, X-Wing picture, Star Wars Plaque.

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buy The Force Awakens Baking Cups

The Force Awakens Baking Cups

When you are going to have Star Wars themed party then of course you want cupcakes and those are best made in these Star Wars baking cups.

These baking cups are made by Wilton and come 50 in a pack and have on the side many details of Star Wars from the logo to Kylo Ren and many more. On the bottom you can find BB-8 and his fellow droids on half of the 50 baking cups and on the other half you find Star Wars battles ships and that makes it a bit more fun as they are not all the same.

Besides for baking you can use this paper sleeves also to put treats in at you Star Wars birthday party.

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buy BB-8 Pinata

BB-8 Pinata

Now you can have a real Star Wars party with this BB-8 piñata that is shaped and decorated just like the droid from Star Wars The Force Awakens.

The string pinata will be a great hit at your birthday party and it looks so great that it is almost a shame to pull it apart.

Of course you could always choose to only use this BB-8 pinata as decoration and then it can live a long time.

Any Star Wars birthday need some great decorations and a pinata is exactly that and will look great until the end of the party when you choose to take this BB-8 apart for the candy (not included).

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buy Star Wars 11 Inch Latex Balloons

Star Wars 11 Inch Latex Balloons

Your next birthday or costume party will be looking for some flare and of course decorations. Why not choose Star Wars as the focal point of it all? If you do, then we have the balloons for you!

These Star Wars balloons have the Star Wars logo and Yoda who looks like he is using the force to make you party and Darth Vader on the other side. They are all white on a black background.

Made by Qualatex, these party balloons are made of latex and measure 11 inches when fully inflated. They can be inflated with air and they’re quality is good enough for helium too. Don’t worry, they are easy to tie too. And these Yoda / Darth Vader balloons come in a pack of 25 so that everyone can have one.

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buy Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

Star Wars Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

Are you having a Star Wars themed party with lots of candy for everyone?

If so then you just need this Darth Vader candy bowl holder that will make sure candy is presented in a way the dark lord would like it.

Tricker treating for Halloween or just a birthday party Darth Vader is perfect for all the candy dispersing needed on these days.

Darth Vader is just cute the way he hold the bowl knowing he can’t eat any of the candy as his mask is in the way.

Get ready to display candy the Star Wars way with this Star Wars Darth Vader Bowl Holder.

buy Millennium Falcon Pinata Kit

Millennium Falcon Pinata Kit

Millennium Falcon Pinata Kit

Arriba! It’s time to party Mexican style with a fun Star Wars twist. It’s a pinata shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Every Star Wars fan is going want to have this as one of the fun games. I mean who doesn’t like it to rain candy?

The pinata in this pack looks so much like the Millennium Falcon with the markings as well. It is grey and white with streamers hanging below.

The kit includes the Millennium Falcon pinata, a blindfold and a 3lb bag of candy to fill the pinata before it gets knocked around.

Treat your Star Wars fan to the fun party game with the Millennium Falcon Pinata Kit.