buy Yellow Rebel Neck Tie

Yellow Rebel Neck Tie

Yellow Rebel Neck Tie

Want a subtle way to show off your love for Star Wars? If you are a business man, this may be your newest tool to do so. A tie that will make you look like a million dollars and subtly show off your love for the Star Wars empire.

The officially licensed Star Wars neck tie is bright yellow with a reoccurring pattern of the Rebel logo. It was hand picked by Leia Organa and is a symbol of hope in her mind.

This tie is made of 100% silk and handmade in Italy, so you know it is great quality. It measures 59 inches long by 3.25 inches wide. It comes in a black gift box with the Star Wars logo, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it. It will be great as is.

Strut your stuff with your new Star Wars Yellow Rebel Neck Tie.

buy Rebel Logo White Tank Top

Rebel Logo White Tank Top

Rebel Logo White Tank Top

Let’s get back to the people and try to ward off the nasty Imperial Fleet. Princess Leia would be so proud that you want to join in the fight.

This men’s white tank top features the logo of the Rebel Alliance of red on the front. That is it, that is all. Simple sometimes just works the best.

This 100% cotton, scoop neck tank top can be worn by both women and men, but comes in men’s sizing. It comes in a full size range from Small to 2XL.

Become one of the good guys in this awesome Rebel Logo White Tank Top.

buy Rebel Alliance Logo Hitch Cover

Rebel Alliance Logo Hitch Cover

Rebel Alliance Logo Hitch Cover

If you look at your vehicle like the Star Wars X-Wing fighters, then why not get the Rebel Alliance seal of approval to make it happen. Everyone that asks you to help tow something will know the force is with you.

The Rebel Alliance symbol is perfect for this round hitch. It is the red symbol that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia have come to embrace.

This Star Wars inspired hitch will fit all Class II, III, IV and V receiver hitches. It is made of metal brushed stainless steel. It comes with 2 keys and it fits both 2″ and 1 1/4″ receivers.

Hook up your truck with the sweet Rebel Alliance Logo Hitch Cover.

buy Star Wars Tape

Star Wars Tape

Star Wars Tape

We all use tape to stick things together or fix things but often this is just boring see through tape.

But if you are a Star Wars fan then you can want to take a look at this special Star Wars tape.

This 50 feet long roll of black tape is covered in logo’s that we all know from the Star Wars franchise. Yes the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial logo’s are there and of course it says Star Wars on the tape to.

Just imagine the fun you can have with this tape. Make a boring binder into a Star Wars binder, fix you broken phone with a piece of Star Wars tape.

You know there are limitless opportunities for this tape so don’t wait order your Star Wars Logo Tape.

buy Rubber Star Wars Logo’s Bracelet

Rubber Star Wars Logo’s Bracelet

Rubber lStar Wars Logo's Bracelet

Rubber bracelets are a great way to show the world what you are interested in.

This black bracelet is all about Star Wars. Besides the Star Wars logo the bracelet also has the Imperial and Rebel Alliance logo’s.

Just slip the bracelet on your wrist and all fellow Star Wars fans will know that they can talk Star Wars with you and really who doesn’t want to talk Star Wars.

The logo bracelet is 1″ wide so that it just take the right amount of space around your wrist.

Now is the perfect time to dress up for school or work with your new Star Wars Logo Bracelet.