buy Stainless Steel Stormtrooper Ring

Stainless Steel Stormtrooper Ring

Now there is this Stainless Steel Stormtrooper Ring that is great for Star Wars fans that like jewelry.

This Star Wars jewelry is made from stainless steel and come in men’s sizes 8 – 12 and even comes in a gift box.

The stainless steel ring has a engraved edge on both sides and then in the middle you can find the head of a Stormtrooper and the same heads can be find a couple more times on the ring.

A Star Wars ring can be something you really want or you know someone you can really would like one then come and get this cool metal ring.

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buy Yoda Do Or Do Not Ring

Yoda Do Or Do Not Ring

Now Star Wars fan can be wearing Yoda on their fingers all thanks to this amazing Yoda Do Or Do Not Ring.

You can get his master Yoda ring in sizes 8 – 15 and half sizes are also available.

The ring is made from casted stainless steel and shows the head of Yoda sticking up from the top and the eyes of this classic Star Wars creature are green thanks to some special crystals.

Inside the ring it has engraved the text “Do. Or Do Not. There is not Try.” which we all know is something Yoda said.

And this cool Star Wars ring comes in a nice ring box and that means that it would make for a great gift too.

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buy Chewbacca Ring

Chewbacca Ring

Now you can have a Wookie around your finger with this Star Wars Chewbacca ring.

The stainless steel ring has the head of Chewie on it or actually the rind is the head of Chewbacca making it look unique and real special for the true Star Wars fans.

You can get this Chewbacca ring in sizes 7 – 11 and yes it comes with a gift box so that it can be the perfect present for that special someone in your life.

Star Wars jewelry is always worth buying but now that it has the face of a Wookie on it it becomes even better.

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buy Lightsaber Ring & Bracelet Jewelry

Lightsaber Ring & Bracelet Jewelry

Star Wars Lightsaber Ring & Bracelet Jewelry

Darth Vader really know how to use his lightsaber and now you as true Star Wars fan can enjoy some real special jewelry based on the lightsaber of Darth Vader.

This jewelry is made from stainless steel and looks gold in color and comes as ring or bracelet.

The ring and bracelet look just like a real lightsaber making it the perfect jewelry to have.

On the inside on the bracelet it says “The Power of the Dark Side” so that you know Vader is watching you.

Both the ring and the bracelet are open on one side making it possible to adjust the size to give you the perfect fit.

Men or women this is the perfect jewelry for you!

Come get your Star Wars Lightsaber Ring & Bracelet Jewelry.

buy Imperial Alliance 3 Pieces Of Jewelry Set

Imperial Alliance 3 Pieces Of Jewelry Set

Imperial Alliance 3 Pieces Of Jewelry Set

If you are a fan of the Star Wars series or know one, these are the perfect gift to get you out of the Dark Side with that special someone.

The Imperial Alliance crest is synonymous with fighting for a grand cause and looking great! Each of the pieces are bronze finished with shiny rhinestones added in all the right places.

These beautiful pieces of jewelry are made from 316L surgical stainless steel. The set features a ring, earrings and a necklace that comes on an 18″ long chain. They are officially licensed Star Wars products and each come in a gift box that is ready to go. The dimensions of the Imperial Alliance crests are; .5″ diameter crest on earrings, .6″ diameter crest on ring, .9″ diameter crest on the pendant.

For the perfect accessories, get the Imperial Alliance 3 Pieces Of Jewelry Set.

buy I Love You I Know Rings

I Love You I Know Rings

True love perfected with humor! If each rose has it’s thorn In the case of Leia, it was made manifest in her attraction of to Han, and vices versa’d.

“I love you.” “I know.” rings are perfect smart to allow fans to present this level of jest and take their friendship to the next level! Or to acknowledge what has been prior to unspoken! The phrases are engraved on the outside of the band, and the rebel alliance symbol is (unbeknownst to others) engraved on the inside.

Best (and shortest) comedic ” ballad ” exchange of all time:
Princess Leia “I love you”!
Han Solo “I know!”

You aren’t truly going solo – so put a ring on it. Your better half will enjoy both the levity and the connection. if you ever find yourself cryogenically frozen in an evil bosses lair, or chained up in a golden bikini, as happens to us all from time to time, it is good to know who your true love is!

Suitable (even) for people with nickel allergies, these Star Wars rings are made from 316L surgical steal. The order of the alloy component composition, according to percentage is iron, chromium, nickel (10-14%), molybdenum and manganese. “I love you” available in sizes 5-8 and “I know” available in sizes 8-11.

Get your I Love You I Know Rings

buy Stormtrooper Stainless Steel Ring

Stormtrooper Stainless Steel Ring

Stormtrooper Helmet Stainless Steel Ring

This stainless steel ring is something any Star Wars fan will like.

The ring is shaped after a Stormtrooper helmet and that is of course something a Star Wars could wear around their fingers.

The ring has a silver tone with black details and comes in a special Star Wars box. And as this Stormtrooper ring comes in a nice box you could make it a special jewelry present for a true Star Wars fan.

This Star Wars ring is available in many ring sizes to make it fit perfectly around your finger.

Replace the boring jewelry with something unique like this Star Wars Stormtrooper Ring.

buy Star Wars Stainless Steel Die Cut Logo Ring

Star Wars Stainless Steel Die Cut Logo Ring

Star Wars Stainless Steel Die Cut Logo Ring

This men’s ring will show the world what you really care about.

The stainless steel ring has the Star Wars logo cut in it. Yes the die cut logo will really make this ring stand out and just looks stunning.

And by wearing the ring the world knows that you are a Star Wars fan.

You can get this Star Wars men’s ring in sizes 8 – 12 so that all the true fan can wear one.

Having this piece of steel around you finger will make you feel part of Star Wars just be careful if you end up in a fight because your lightsaber is not real.

Find the perfect finger for this Star Wars Stainless Steel Logo Ring.

buy R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

Star Wars fans can now have their favorite droid around their fingers.

This ring has a nice big picture of R2-D2 the robot we all know and love from the Star Wars movies. A special piece of jewelry like this of course need the attention it deserves so I would say put one on your finger.

This women’s ring is made white metal and is rhodium silver plated and the band can be adjusted to fit your finger the way it should.

This ring is great to wear everyday or when you hang out with your geeky friends.

Come and admire this Star Wars R2-D2 Women’s Ring.