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Chewbacca Toaster

Now you can start your day in Star Wars style all thanks to this Chewbacca Toaster.

Breakfast will be extra geeky because this toaster will make toast that has the head of Chewbacca burned into the bread.

The Star Wars toaster itself is brown and on the front your can see the hairs of Chewbacca and even his sash.

And like any good toaster this one has a crumb tray that makes it easy to remove the crumbs of your bread.

Just imagine your morning breakfast when there will be Chewbacca on your fresh toast.

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buy Death Star Toaster That Makes TIE Fighter Toast

Death Star Toaster That Makes TIE Fighter Toast

If you like Star Wars and toast then your home needs this Death Star toaster.

The toaster looks like the death star that  is just missing the top as that is where you slices of bread go. And this Star Wars toaster does not make just normal boring toast, it makes toast that has an image of a Tie fighter burned in so that it makes Star Wars toast.

Just imagine to have a Death Star toaster in your kitchen or the dining table, it will make breakfast so much cooler all because of a Star Wars themed toaster that is also great at making toast.

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buy Stormtrooper Toaster

Stormtrooper Toaster

If you are a Star Wars fan that loves toast then you deserve Empire toast and that comes from this Stormtrooper toaster.

The toaster is white and black and looks just like the helmet of a real Star Wars Stormtrooper only this helmet has two slots for bread on the top.

And the toast that comes from this Stormtrooper toaster will have the Empire logo burned on it and that makes it perfect for members of the Dark Side.

Now you can have a perfect toaster that also looks perfect in a kitchen of a true Star Wars fan like you.

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buy Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

Do you like toast for breakfast?

If so then now you can have toast from the dark side that is toasted in a Star Wars toaster that looks like the helmet of Darth Vader and the bread that comes out of the toaster even has Star Wars burned in on one side of the bread.

That this toaster can make bread that has Star Wars on it is cool but for me the look of the toaster is much cooler.

The toaster looks like Darth Vader and you put the two slices of bread right in his head making it almost like you are eating the brain of Darth Vader. I think every Star Wars fan needs one of these in their kitchen.

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