buy Boba Fett Beach Towel

Boba Fett Beach Towel

Now there is a Boba Fett towel that you can take to the beach or pool and even use for a shower at home.

This Star Wars towel is made from 100% cotton and is 30 x 60 inch. On the beach towel you can find an image of Boba Fett in cool colors that may make this towel look a bit darker then most towels but it sure looks amazing this way.

It does not matter what you want this towel for, if you are a Boba Fett fan then you just need to own you own Boba towel.

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buy BB-8 Join The Resistance Beach Towel

BB-8 Join The Resistance Beach Towel

Shower, pool or beach there is one thing you need at all 3 locations and that is a great towel.

If you like BB-8 from Star Wars then this beach towel is perfect for you.

The BB-8 towel is red with orange and shows BB-8 in the middle with around him the text “Join The Resistance BB-8”.

The Star Wars towel is 33 x 66 inch and made from 100% cotton. Now you can enjoy sunbathing at the beach or a nice warm towel after a shower and in both occasions BB-8 will be there to give it that special Star Wars experience.

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buy Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel

Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel

Ever wonder what Chewbacca does on his holidays? Well this Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel will show you just what he does.

This beach towel’s graphic looks like a photograph. The top of the beach towel includes a blue Star Wars logo in the pool water. Chewbacca is lying on a yellow blow up floating bed and is relaxing on it. He even has his aviator sunglasses on. Lucky guy.

This beach towel measures 28 inches wide and 58 inches long, which makes for an amazing beach towel. It is big enough to wrap yourself up after being in the water, and big enough to lay on to catch some rays. It is made of 100% cotton so it will be absorbent and cozy.

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buy Star Wars Darth Vader Towel

Star Wars Darth Vader Towel

After a nice hot shower or a day at the pool you just want to dry your wet body with the perfect towel.

And for all the Star Wars fans there now is this Darth Vader towel that is black and looks just like the costume the Dark Lord wears.

This Star Wars beach towel is 59 x 29 1/2 inch and is made from 100% Darth Vader approved cotton so that your body dries of quickly and the towel dries quick to.

Just imagine sunbathing on the beach on this towel, people will admire you for showing your true colors.

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buy Star Wars R2-D2 Beach Towel

Star Wars R2-D2 Beach Towel

Star Wars R2-D2 Beach Towel

Any time any place is good for a Star Wars fan.

Now you day at the pool or beach became even better because now there is a special R2-D2 beach towel.

This 100% cotton towel looks just like you favorite robot R2-D2 and you can sunbath on it or use it to dry you off after a splash in the water.

Even if you don’t like to leave the house this Star Wars towel is just perfect for after a nice hot shower.

The Star Wars R2-D2 towel is 59 x 29 1/2 inch making it the perfect size for many occasions.

Let cuddle up int this Star Wars R2-D2 Towel.