buy Emperor Palpatine Grey Wall Decor

Emperor Palpatine Grey Wall Decor

If its not bad enough with Emperor Palpatine’s scary face, this wall decor will scare your pants off, but if you are into the dark side then there is no need to worry. It will fit into your decor in a heart beat.

He is scary and he is mean. This wall decor is a large round galactic empire logo and Emperor Palpatine is smack dab in the middle making a menacing face. Yikes! Under the logo is a rectangle sign hanging down by chains and it says, “Join the Dark Side”.

The wall decor measures¬†24″ tall by 6 1/2″ wide by 7″ deep. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product, so for the ultimate collector, this is the piece for them. It is also light weight as it is made with light weight foam and chain.

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buy Darth Vader Stone Wall Decor

Darth Vader Stone Wall Decor

If you are a Star Wars lover and are looking for a new piece of decor for your home, next party or for your office. This is the piece for you, but only if you are looking to join in the Dark Side.

The Darth Vader Stone Wall Decor looks like stone to enhance any room. It is a large circle with Darth Vader’s head in the middle with two light sabers crisscrossed behind his head. It then features a square slab that hangs down from the circle and it says “Join the Dark Side”. Perfection!

This officially licensed Star Wars product will be the new conversation piece in your house. It is made of light weight foam and chain that measures approximately¬†24″ tall by 16 1/2″ wide by 7″ deep.

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buy Boba Fett Wall Decoration

Boba Fett Wall Decoration

Star Wars is the king of movies and Boba Fett is the Boss of Badassness. If you take the shooting skills of Dirty Harry, and the tenacity of Chuck Norris, you start to get a picture of what kind of man Boba Fett is. And now you can have the “Son of Jango Fett”‘s (perfect clone actually) head on your wall like a trophy of your own!

This cool item is made out of extremely light foam, but just like with movie magic, it looks like it is made out of stone. Over 16” in diameter, this sick representation showing the Bounty Hunter’s helmeted head looks very cool with his moniker “Boba Fett” hanging on a sign underneath by a chain.

Answer in the affirmative if someone asks you “Got Fett?”

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