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Wookie Mistake T-Shirt

Star Wars Wookie Mistake T-Shirt
There’s eye catching novelty t-shirts, and then there’s the extreme wtf provoking double takers! And so comfortable to wear!

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “rookie” mistake.. worse stilll, in the (far away) land of George Lucas, there’s the more rare(and tragi-comical “Wookiee” mistake! Who forgot to fill up the Millennium Falcon (“who!? who!? who!?”) we might ask, as we see Chewbacca holding an old Jerry can, standing in front his petered out starship, which judging by the sad state depicted on this shirt appears to have recently been running on fumes!

Because eight feet tall furry loyal co-pilots make sense.. this hilarious t-shirt squares the circle of logic! Now walk through vacuum-less space to the nearest gas station and fix the dang mess, loyal furball!

Laugh off all implausible mistakes in your life. What, you worry? How bad can it be really? Did your spaceship run out of gas in a hostile galaxy, with a bounty on your head? No? I didn’t think so! Reeeeelaaaax! And look cool and stylin in your very own “wookie mistake” tee. The distressed wookie mistake design graces the front of this cotton-poly blend heather grey t-shirt. Wear what you want, be who you are, rock this hilarious piece of pop art like a big bad boss.

Well wookiee what we got here! Great for wearing around your pad, nights out with the guys, or for just about any occasion really! (Truth be told, girls dig it too!)  Simply choose size small to 3XL when you order your Star Wars Wookie Mistake T-Shirt.