buy Grafitti Style BB-8 T-Shirt

Grafitti Style BB-8 T-Shirt

Cuter than R2-D2? I think BB-8 pulled it off! And now he looks better than ever on this stylish t-shirt!

Very chill in this graffiti style, BB-8 will be rollin’ with your homies front and center of this 100% cotton, short sleeved shirt. The subversive tag style paint is intentionally very drippy – and the bright slasher orange against the light blue color scheme commands attention. It’s clearly the droid you’re looking for.

Choose your favorite background color and order it snug or loose in sizes Small – 6XL!

Don’t let your summer pass without this in your wardrobe. Own it today!

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buy Splatter BB-8 Mug

Splatter BB-8 Mug

If you like a nice BB-8 mug then this Star Wars mug is what you want.

The mug is white and made from ceramic and it is available in sizes 11 and 15 oz.

On the mug, you can see a paint splattered version of BB-8 and that looks just fun and different and you can find the image on both sides of the mug so that you and others can see it at the same time while you are using it.

The Star Wars mug splatter effect makes the mug a little less in your face and that is a nice detail to have for a mug you use every day at home or in the office.

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buy BB-8 Ball T-Shirt

BB-8 Ball T-Shirt

Eight ball in the corner pocket! Wow, what a great shirt for fanboys and girls of our beloved BB8 robot and all thing Star Wars! It’s too cool for pool, great to wear on days when you want to relax and “play some stick”!

This comfy cotton t-shirt is a heavy weight high-quality cotton (also available in lighter weight version) that comes in unisex sizes from Small to 2XL.  Choose the color that will go best with your wardrobe!

This sci-fi piece of clothing shows beloved BB-8 as if he was an eight ball on a billiards table, lined up near what must be BB-9 and BB-5 and BB-3.. Yes.. it is goofy but great in a sci-fi type of laid-back style.  You know you could best Kylo Ren with a pool cue when you are wearing this lucky shirt.

Surprise your friends with this whimsical addition! Align yourself rebelliously with this great purchase!

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buy BB-8 Dangling Earrings

BB-8 Dangling Earrings

If BB-8 is your favorite Star Wars droid then you should check out these BB-8 dangling earrings.

The Star Wars earrings have a silver tone with on it orange details and together that makes it look like the real BB-8 only a bit smaller and just perfect for in your ears.

And these fun BB-8 earrings come in a nice gift box so that it is a perfect present for a special someone or yourself.

Star Wars jewelry may not be for a fancy occasion but it sure is way more fun than a boring pearl.

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buy BB-8 Kitchen Timer

BB-8 Kitchen Timer

If you like to cook and you like Star Wars then this BB-8 kitchen timer is what you need.

The Star Wars kitchen timer looks like BB-8 but he is not completely round this time but comes on a nice base and that way he can’t roll away while you cook.

Just turn the top of BB-8 and set it to the time you need for cooking. The BB-8 kitchen timer can time between 1 and 60 minutes and will bleep when it is time.

The Star Wars kitchen timer runs on AAA batteries and they are included so that you can start cooking as soon as you BB-8 timer arrives.

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buy BB-8 Oven Mitts

BB-8 Oven Mitts

If you like cooking then these Star Wars BB-8 oven mitts would be a great addition to your kitchen.

This is a set of two oven mitts so one for each hand and both look like BB-8 and that makes them fun.

Now you can take that pizza out of the oven without having to worry about burning your hands. Cooking will be fun again without the worries of burning yourself.

The oven mitts are right and left handed so that you always have the good side of BB-8 out when you get that cake out of the oven.

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buy BB-8 Christmas Stocking With Sound

BB-8 Christmas Stocking With Sound

This Christmas Santa can find a BB-8 Christmas stocking in many homes that he brings presents to and now the question is will he be seeing one at your home?

This fun stocking has a red space background  and there are some space ships on it but it is all about the BB-8 droid that is on the whole front and yes the Star Wars logo is added to so that even Santa will understand that this is a Star Wars stocking.

The BB-8 Christmas stocking is 17 inches long and there is a small button on the top to add sound to an already amazing stocking.

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buy BB-8 Waffle Maker

BB-8 Waffle Maker

There is no longer a need for boring looking waffles because now there is a BB-8 waffle maker that makes waffles that look like the Star Wars droid.

Just put you waffle mix into this waffle maker and soon there will be a waffle that looks like the ball shape BB-8 droid we all love .

The waffle has a lot of details in it which also gives it great edges for syrup and other toppings.

Get yourself so syrup, whipped cream, fruits and other treats and then it’s time to make yourself a special BB-8 waffle that will fill those breakfast cravings.

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buy BB-8 Beanie Hat With Pompom On Top

BB-8 Beanie Hat With Pompom On Top

Star Wars no longer have to have a cold head in winter thanks to this BB-8 beanie hat.

The 100% acrylic winter hat is white with orange, grey, and black details and all that makes it look like you are wearing BB-8 on your head and to top it all off a fluffy pompom on the top makes it look even more amazing.

The winter hat is one size fits most adults so if you are a man or a woman that likes a cool hat for winter then you just have to check out this Star Wars beanie and be warm.

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buy BB-8 iPhone 7 Plus Phone Case

BB-8 iPhone 7 Plus Phone Case

Now your iPhone can look like BB-8 thanks to this Star Wars phone case.

The case is perfect for your iPhone 7 Plus but also comes in sizes for different models. You can get the case for

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4

The iPhone case is white and on it you can see BB-8 details in orange and grey which makes it look like your phone is a flat version of the ball droid we all love.

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