buy Astro Droid T-Shirt

Astro Droid T-Shirt

Now Star Wars fans can wear this Astro Droid T-Shirt.

If you like your Star Wars droids and want a shirt with one on it then this shirt is what you should see.

This black Star Wars t-shirt is made from preshrunk cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

On the t-shirt it shows a bit square and in it you can see a red cool background with a big BB-8 on top of it and below it you can find the text “Astro Droid”.

It is a great fun Star Wars shirt and if you like BB-8 the ball shape droid then this could be the shirt you really want.

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buy 3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set

3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set

Now there is this 3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set so that you can hang on the beach in Star Wars style.

This beach ball set includes 3 balls one of R2-D2, BB-8, and the Death Star.

Now you just need some friends and have fun at the beach or pool with your Star Wars balls.

Besides for the pool you can also have them hanging around the house if you have a Star Wars party.

Beach balls are fun and easy as you can just blow them up when you want to play with it and store them away when you are not ready to play ball.

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buy BB-8 Face Mask

BB-8 Face Mask

Now any Star Wars fan can wear a face mask all thanks to this special BB-8 Face Mask.

This Star Wars mask is available in different sizes for kids and adults.

And as you can see the fabric mask is white and on it you can see orange circles with fun details and all that reminds us of the famous BB-8 ball droid.

The BB-8 mask can be washed so that you can keep wearing your Star Wars mask every time you leave your home and it can be clean too.

School, work, or maybe a trip to the grocery store we all need face masks and this one is just fun to have.

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buy BB-8 Candy Bowl

BB-8 Candy Bowl

Now Star Wars fans with a sweet tooth can get this BB-8 Candy Bowl as it is perfect to hold lots of candy.

We all need a way to store all our candy and with Halloween we all need even more storage and if you like Star Wars then you are in luck because this candy holder is just cool for anyone that like droids.

The candy bowl looks and is shaped like the lower body of BB-8 and the candy bowl is made from durable plastic so that you can use if every year for Halloween and maybe around Christmas, Easter and other days you have a lot of candy lying around.

And the BB-8 candy bow is 7.5 inch tall making it a nice big candy holder.

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buy BB-8 Pool Float

BB-8 Pool Float

This summer you can be using this BB-8 Pool Float in your pool or at the beach.

Star Wars fans that like to have fun in the water can now take this inflatable pool float. The pool float is oversized and looks just like the famous ball shaped Star Wars droid only a bit flatter as you can use it to just float on it for hours in your own pool or maybe at the beach.

Most droids do not like water but BB-8 is the exception because this droid became the pool float that all Star Wars fans just need to own.

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buy BB-8 Beer Stein

BB-8 Beer Stein

Now there is this BB-8 Beer Stein that is just made for beer loving Star Wars fans.

No matter if you like to collect beer steins or just love BB-8 this is the stein you want.

The BB-8 stein is ceramic like a true stein and is white with the typical orange shapes on it and there is a lid to that opens up with a metal clip and the lid is the head of BB-8 just like we know it.

No matter if you like to drink beer from it or just want something really cool in your collection this beer stein is fun to have.

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buy Tatooine Sunset Mask

Tatooine Sunset Mask

Now Star Wars fans can be wearing this Tatooine Sunset Mask and this face mask is way cooler than the boring one most people wear.

This face mask is made for adults and is a great way to protect yourself and others while you are out and about. Covid maybe out there but Star Wars is here to protect you.

The Star Wars face mask is black with a sunset on Tatooine on it and there are space ships and BB-8 and Rey as they are walking to the sunset.

I am sure that people will stare at you wear this cool mask but it is all because you are the coolest Star Wars fan out there.

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buy BB-8 Tank Top Panty Set

BB-8 Tank Top Panty Set

If you love Star Wars and are looking for a comfy set of underwear, pajamas or lounge wear then check out this BB-8 tank top and panty set.

This is a tank top and panty set that is based after the fun loving Star Wars character of BB-8. The tank top is all white and features a large BB-8 logo of a sphere with orange, grey and white. The tank top is all white and has an orange trim around the arm holes and neck line.

The panties are white and feature an orange trim around the leg holes and waist making them the perfect set of a tank top and panties.

Available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that range from Small to 2XL. The top is 100% cotton while the underwear is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

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buy BB-8 Women’s Costume Dress

BB-8 Women’s Costume Dress

Star Wars has many characters and droids now you can look like one of your favorites with the BB-8 women’s costume dress.

This is a costume dress that features all of the designs seen on the droid BB-8 from the series of Star Wars. The dress is predominantly white with orange feature circles, camera and light patterns printed all over.

Made to be durable and comfortable this BB-8 dress is available in a selection of women’s sizes. Included with the BB-8 costume dress is a cute little hat that replicates the antenna.

You can wear this Star Wars dress as a costume for Halloween, dress up parties or maybe just a night out.

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buy BB-8 Slotmachine T-Shirt

BB-8 Slotmachine T-Shirt

Star Wars fans that like a gamble wil enjoy this BB-8 Slotmachine T-Shirt.

The BB-8 t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it is available in a whole bunch of colors and in sizes Small – 10XL.

On the Star Wars t-shirt you can see what at first look is BB-8 the famous ball droid but if you look closer then you can see that he got transformed into a slotmachine. And the droid even has a money drawer with lots of coins inside it.

This is a fun and different t-shirt that is a great item for all the true fans of BB-8 or just Star Wars.

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