buy C-3PO Accent Desk Lamp

C-3PO Accent Desk Lamp

Light up your life in your room, office, garage or where ever you may need a little bit more light with one of the greatest droid of all time, C-3PO!

C-3PO is spectacular on this accent desk lamp. It is a golden color like we know and love him. He is in a cartoon form on the one side of the lamp and the other size is the same color of gold, and has ring lines continuing from the front.

This desk lamp measures approximately  5 inches by 12 inches. It has a cord that measures 5 feet and has an inline on and off switch. The power cord is white. The C-3PO desk lamp takes a maximum 25 watt incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb, depending on what suits your needs. It is also an official licensed product of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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buy Mirror View Star Wars Logo T-Shirt

Mirror View Star Wars Logo T-Shirt

Star Wars has taken a flip over this t-shirt. It is a mirror view Star Wars logo t-shirt. It is a great way to keep it all to yourself.

There is a galaxy not so far away. It is right here on this t-shirt. There are number of stars all over this t-shirt’s graphic. Then there is a inverted yellow Star Wars logo. It has been inverted so you can look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy your new t-shirt.

It’s a perfect 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt that will fit any Star Wars fan’s needs and wants in a t-shirt. It is a unisex fit that runs from Small to 6XL, so it will fit all the Star Wars fans. There are also other colors to choose from too. Make it yours today!

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buy Kids Stormtrooper Glitchy T-Shirt

Kids Stormtrooper Glitchy T-Shirt

All kids like the Star Wars movies and characters and who wouldn’t. They are super interesting and fight in space. Oooooo. If your getting your little one a new t-shirt better make it this one. They will be so happy.

This t-shirt is all black except for the graphic on the front. The graphic is black and white, but wait! It looks like there is a glitch in the graphic. There is a picture of a white Stormtrooper, but the glitch is turning the graphic into a black Darth Vader. How exciting!

This kid’s t-shirt comes in four youth sizes Small (7-8), Medium (9-10), Large (11-12) and XL (14-16). It is made of 100% cotton which is perfect for growing and rambunctious kids.

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buy Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel

Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel

Ever wonder what Chewbacca does on his holidays? Well this Cool Dude Chewbacca Beach Towel will show you just what he does.

This beach towel’s graphic looks like a photograph. The top of the beach towel includes a blue Star Wars logo in the pool water. Chewbacca is lying on a yellow blow up floating bed and is relaxing on it. He even has his aviator sunglasses on. Lucky guy.

This beach towel measures 28 inches wide and 58 inches long, which makes for an amazing beach towel. It is big enough to wrap yourself up after being in the water, and big enough to lay on to catch some rays. It is made of 100% cotton so it will be absorbent and cozy.

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buy Star Wars Dark Side Long Sleeve Shirt

Star Wars Dark Side Long Sleeve Shirt

Get your Dark Side fix with this long sleeve shirt. It’s going to make your blue jeans dance with joy.

This long sleeve shirt is mostly black, with lots of marvelous white painted graphics. There are three stars around the neckline. Then there is a circle with Darth Vader’s face, another circle with a stormtrooper helmet with Galactic Empire written around the circle. There is a large AT-AT on top of a line of Galactic Empire logos. Finally down the left sleeve in large letters is, “IMPERIAL”.

The sizes available for this long sleeve shirt are Small to 3XL and it is made of 100% cotton to make you comfortable and glad you got this long sleeve shirt. Just tell them the Darth made you get it.

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buy Darth Vader Indoor Wall Decor Light

Darth Vader Indoor Wall Decor Light

Get the Star Wars decor of your dreams for any room of the house, office or door room. This Darth Vader will be your trophy piece.

Darth Vader’s mask is such an important piece of his character, and this wall decor light proves it. It is black with red eye sockets that light up. He also has three phrases that he speaks, in between all that heavy breathing of course. The phrases are;

  • Join me and together we can rule the galaxy.
  • Don’t underestimate the Force
  • Give yourself to the Dark Side

This light is an officially licensed product of Star Wars so you can expect great quality. It measures 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide, so it will make an impression where ever you choose to hang him. He is battery operated and comes with them to start you out.

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buy Emperor Palpatine Grey Wall Decor

Emperor Palpatine Grey Wall Decor

If its not bad enough with Emperor Palpatine’s scary face, this wall decor will scare your pants off, but if you are into the dark side then there is no need to worry. It will fit into your decor in a heart beat.

He is scary and he is mean. This wall decor is a large round galactic empire logo and Emperor Palpatine is smack dab in the middle making a menacing face. Yikes! Under the logo is a rectangle sign hanging down by chains and it says, “Join the Dark Side”.

The wall decor measures 24″ tall by 6 1/2″ wide by 7″ deep. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product, so for the ultimate collector, this is the piece for them. It is also light weight as it is made with light weight foam and chain.

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buy Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board

Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board

Dinner time! Chop, chop, chop. You better get those little Stormtroopers fed and fast. The Millennium Falcon cutting board will help speed up that process.

This Millennium Falcon cutting board is light years ahead of its time. It’s exact shape is cut out of wood and then debossed on one side with every little nook and cranny that makes the Falcon what it is. It is a nice light colored wood, so it will match any kitchen decor.

This wooden cutting board measures 10 1/2″ x 14 1/2″, so it is big enough for your toughest prep jobs in the kitchen. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product, so you can rest easy that Darth himself would have to approve its existence. It also weighs only 1 1/2 pounds, so you can use it to practice the force too.

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buy USB Death Star Wall Charger

USB Death Star Wall Charger

This USB wall charger will be your new favorite wall charger and no one will be able to believe you are using the Dark Force to charge your electronics.

The USB Death Star wall charger is a super mini version of the real thing. It is detailed and has a little green light so you know it is harnessing the power. It is grey and has two different USB ports.

It measures 2.75 inches in diameter and sticks out 1.75 inches from the wall, so that makes it small and compact. It is officially licensed by the Star Wars empire and the two USB port sizes are 2.1A and 1.0A.

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buy Stormtrooper Puffy Slippers

Stormtrooper Puffy Slippers

Keep your feet warm and protect by the faceless enforcers of the Galactic Empire. The Star Wars Stormtroopers make the perfect puffy slipper partners.

The Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets are the main focus of these puffy slippers, they are protecting your toes. They are white with the black features of the helmet like the eyes that look like sunglasses and the breathing apparatus. Finally they have black insoles with the Star Wars printed in the middle.

These slippers come in adult sizes ranging from a Small to XL, so there is a size for everyone. They are made of polyester, which will keep your feet comfortable and warm as you take on the coolness of the morning or evening floors. They are officially licensed product, so the Galactic Empire will not come after you.

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