buy BB-8 Cylindrical Desk Lamp

BB-8 Cylindrical Desk Lamp

BB-8 Cylindrical Desk Lamp

Star Wars has a new light shining with hope for the next generation of fans. The BB-8 cylindrical desk lamp. It is going to be the greatest addition to your home or office this millennium.

It is bright white, black and orange which will fit all home and office decors. The graphic goes around the entire lamp and is very detailed down to the very last button and marking that BB-8 instills.

This Star Wars desk lamp measures approximately 5″in diameter and 12″ inches tall. It is officially licensed product so you know it is going to be the high”light” of your year. It’s electrical cord is 5ft long so you can place this lamp pretty much anywhere and don’t forget it only can use a maximum 25 watt incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb in order for it to work against the Force.

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