buy Boba Fett Pint Glass

Boba Fett Pint Glass

Star Wars Boba Fett Pint Glass

Quick pick this up! If it’s a bounty you are looking for, or just an ice cold beer (ok, non alky bevvies too) – Boba Fett’s a quick picker upper!

Boba is the king of the intergalactic bounty hunters. Fett was able to capture Han all by himself, you know, Solo! Well, such a fantastic feat deserves recognition, and now he has it! Boba Fett can be forever immortalized in your kitchen, on this lovely Boba Fett pint glass. His name proudly displayed across the bottom border of the cup, this quintessential bounty hunter is depicted wearing his signature intergalactic camouflage jump suit, with his assortment of prey-droppers at hand and on his back.

“Here’s to you! Here’s to Fett! Dark side’s dry! Light side’s wet!” <– Note: please substitute wittier Star Wars toasts as desired!

Great for your own personal Cantina, add this full color glossy epic Star Wars beer glass to your collection of things that go clink in the night.

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