buy Rebel Alliance Logo Neck Tie

Rebel Alliance Logo Neck Tie

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Logo Neck Tie

Minimalist design speaks to certain refinement of geek confident style. This Star Wars neck tie delivers on keeping it simple. Further elegance is achieved with the quality of this accessory, made from silk, and crafted to perfection. This top notch accessory could easily be at home in the corporate world of meetings, power lunches, breakfast clubs and important dinners, as it could be in more casual affairs.

When a person has the stones to wear what he loves, in a socially pleasing minimalist pattern, he will win the admiration of fellow fans, as well as those subliminally aware, “there’s something cool about that pattern..”

You want that piece that will tie everything together? It’s not irony when it’s straight up truth. Fully authorized product shipped in a black on black gift box with licensed Star Wars logo.

Put it on and pull this off, you want it. Get your own Star Wars Alliance Silk Tie.