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R2-D2 Desk Lamp

Star Wars R2-D2 Desk Lamp

R2-D2 will provide the light for you when you need it. Such a handy droid, always there just when things seem to be over-run by the dark side!

This executive accent lamp is the perfect gift for the über Star War’s geek. Tweek your office desk and find the lighter-side of spreadsheets, invoices or the occasional game of Battlefront when you add this welcome accessory to your work space, equipped with a five foot long cord and switch, it can support up to a 25 watt incandescent, or 13 watt CFL bulb, with standard base.

Unique cylindrical shape adds a touch of class, as it is minimalistic and alludes to a tubular candle appearance. Whether it’s the dark side of deadlines, Darth Vader-like bosses, or Jabba Fett (kidding) co-workers, this desk lamp will make light of it all!

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