buy Y Is For Yoda T-Shirt

Y Is For Yoda T-Shirt

Y Is For Yoda T-Shirt

Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be a drag, and can bring light into everyone around! This “Y is for Yoda” t-shirt is sure to be hit with everyone that is in full view of it!

Yoda is represented in a very kid friendly way, a bright cheerful color, with a simplified cartoon like and cute image, showing his six fingers and toes (which would be fun to count with your toddler too, for added learning opportunities)!

If I was to ask someone what is more cheerful than a “Mr. Happy” t-shirt, the clear winner in this galaxy would be a “Y is for Yoda!” toddler top. Great to wear year round, at home our about!

Keep your little guy or gal smiling, and bringing the smiles with this adorable and fun piece of clothing that everyone will love! The force is strong with this one!

Just don’t be too surprised when he/she randomly speaks “Da-go-bah”! Jedi-speak (s)he will!

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