buy Millennium Falcon Belt Buckle

Millennium Falcon Belt Buckle

Star Wars fans in need of a cool belt buckle should take a look at this Millennium Falcon belt buckle as it just is a stunning piece.

The metal belt buckle is shaped like the Millennium Falcon as seen from above and has amazing details so that you really feel like your pants are kept up by a Star Wars spacecraft.

Of course you need to be supporting the rebels because other wise this amazing buckle will go to waste and that is something you can’t do to this amazing buckle.

The Millennium Falcon belt buckle works just like any other belt buckle and just needs a great belt to be part of.

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buy R2-D2 Logo Belt

R2-D2 Logo Belt

Now you can get a Star Wars belt that makes you feel a bit more like R2-D2.

This belt is white with on it in blue letters the Star Wars logo and besides the Star Wars logo you can also find R2-D2 on it and that makes this belt just super fun to wear.

This R2-D2 belt is one size fits most, it will fit waists up to 45 inch and can easily made smaller so that even a kid could wear it. Unfortunately you can only make it smaller once as that does involve a pair of scissors.

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buy Star Wars Character Alliances Squares Belt

Star Wars Character Alliances Squares Belt

Star Wars Seatbelt style belt with pictures of characters on it

Your a Star Wars fan who likes to keep his pants up with style. No more inappropriate wise cracks, when you have your whole team ensuring that you are covered!

Star Wars friends each have their own mesh square on this belt, with their name clearly texted beneath:  Yoda, Luke, Chewbacca and more!

Adjustable for a 24-42 inch waist, this sure fire favourite is great for boys and men (and ladies like them too!). Interesting detail on this piece is that the buckle is an actual seatbelt buckle, with the official Star Wars logo on it. Officially licensed, each meshed square is 1.5 inches in width. Note: not to be used as a safety device! (no really, but had to be said!)

Reach for your very own mesh Star Wars Character Alliance Seatbelt.

buy Star Wars Comic Strip Seatbelt Belt

Star Wars Comic Strip Seatbelt Belt

Star Wars Comic Strip Seatbelt Belt

Stars Wars geeks and fans this is the ultimate collector item that is very useful too.

This seatbelt belt features an all over print that is based after the Star Wars comics and movies, looking just like a comic book strip with all the cool characters like Darth Vader, Princess leia and more giving this belt a vintage and retro look.

This is a one size fits most belt that can adjust to many different sizes and has a belt fastener that is exactly like a seatbelt, clicks in easy and with a push of a button it can be opened up.

Buckle up with the Star Wars Comic Strip Seatbelt Belt

buy Star Wars Logo Belt Buckle

Star Wars Logo Belt Buckle

Star Wars Logo Belt Buckle

How about getting a cool belt buckle for that boring belt you are wearing?

This metal Star Wars belt buckle would be perfect.

This belt buckle is 2.2 x 4 inch and shows the Star Wars logo in silver against a black background.

Yes people will notice this piece of metal on your pants but hey you at least tell them that you like Star Wars and you don’t even have to open you mouth to do so.

Just imagine a nice pair of jeans with a black belt with this brushed metal Star Wars belt buckle it’s just a great combination.

Come have a closer look at this Star Wars Logo Belt Buckle.