buy LEGO Ewok Village 10236

LEGO Ewok Village 10236

If you like LEGO and Star Wars then this is the LEGO set to have a closer look at.

This is Ewok Village and as LEGO that is just great fun for young and old as it is fun to build and then of course fun to play with.

In this LEGO set you can find many mini figures of  many Star Wars characters like Chewbacca, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and of course Ewok’s. This set has 1990 pieces and that will keep you building for a while but hey that is the fun of LEGO.

This Star Wars LEGO is set number 10236 and is rated ages 12 and up.

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buy Ewok Portrait T-Shirt

Ewok Portrait T-Shirt

This Star Wars t-shirt is black and in the sea of blackness you can find the portrait of a creature all the true fans know.

Yes this t-shirt shows an Ewok.

The details of the Ewok are amazing and it’s a dark image that works really well with the black of the shirt as it feels like the creature blends into the background.

This Ewok t-shirt is made from 100% ringspun cotton and is available in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

Everyone has t-shirt with Star Wars characters on it but I don’t know about many that actually have an Ewok t-shirt and that of course will make you special and show what a true fan of Star Wars you are.

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buy Ewok Hooded Scarf

Ewok Hooded Scarf

When the weather get to extremes a nice scarf and hood are always handy and if you are a Star Wars fan then you can now get a scarf and hood combined.

This hooded scarf if orange and the hood has ears that of course do you remember of an Ewok and that is because this is an Ewok scarf.

The Ewok scarf is acrylic and just looks fun.

Besides using it when you get cold you could even use the hooded scarf as part of an Ewok costume when you do cosplay or for Halloween.

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buy Ewok Pet Costume

Ewok Pet Costume

Ewok Small Pet Costume

Your dog is pretty much an Ewok so why not dress up your dog completely like a Star Wars Ewok for halloween, costume parties or just for fun while you have a Star Wars marathon.

The pet Ewok costume is based after the Star Wars Ewok and makes your dog look as close to the real thing as you will get, with facial features, ears and the hooded robe this is a fun pet costume for sure.

This Star Wars pet costume is made to easily put on your pet and is available in a wide selection of dog sizes that range from a Small to an XL and it includes two seperate pieces, the headpiece and the shirt.

Check out the Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume.

buy Ewok Purse

Ewok Purse

Ewok cute women's handbag

Fangirls – take a peek at the sweetest sci-fi purse on the planet! This little ewok handbag takes first prize for the most adorable accessory ever! It’s just the right size to meet your modern day needs: your phone, wallet, even notebook, but small enough to be lightweight, versatile and fashionable. You can travel light when the force is with you, or… little Endorian ewok friend, or both in this case!

The face of this benevolent space critter smiles contagiously, and the crochet style of the purse has a beautiful texture. Very durable, this bag is fully lined and has a magnetic closure for convenience. Everything about this purse is well thought out, and adorable.

So cute. Get your hands on your own Star Wars Ewok Crocheted Handbag.

buy Star Wars Wicket Ewok Knee Socks

Star Wars Wicket Ewok Knee Socks

Wicket Ewok Knee Socks

Star Wars fans with cold feet will love these socks.

These knee high socks comes in women’s / junior sizes 4 -10 and are brown with orange.

The bottom is brown and says “wicket” on them and then when you get higher up then you see the Ewok and there the color of the Star Wars socks is orange.

As these socks are long you can wear them with pants, shorts a skirt or even over leggings.

Now the world will know that you like Ewok’s and Star Wars.

Come take a closer look at these Star Wars Wicket Ewok Knee Socks.

buy Star Wars Ewok Hooded Tank Top

Star Wars Ewok Hooded Tank Top

Star Wars Ewok Hooded Tank Top

Star Wars has many cool and fun characters, if you are a fan of the Ewok’s then this is the perfect piece of clothing for you.

A very cool looking tank top that features the look of an Ewok from the series of movies Star Wars, the entire tank top has a front and back print of brown, orange and grey with detailed stitching aswell as the awesome feature of a hood that has little fuzzy ears making you look just like an Ewok when the hood is up.

This is a 100% cotton tank top that will be both durable and very comfortable, it comes in a very large selection of ladies sizes that range from Small to 3XL.

Look super cute in the Star Wars Ewok Hooded Costume Tank Top.